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A perennial favorite, Madden’s football franchise has taken the game to a new level. While the series has historically been strong, the new version includes "Playmaker Control" which lets you control players off the ball. The PS2 version also now has online play. There is also a new owner mode in which you can build your team including hiring staff, setting ticket and concession prices, and building your own stadium with luxury boxes, scoreboards and more. You can also track your teams’s revenue and fan support. Also when looking into the best football game, Madden shines with the most realistic playbooks featuring playbooks from officially licensed NFL Coaches Club. Now all they need is the ability to make your own mascots...

The graphics were good and the music and audio really put you back in time. Our only gripe, and it is a fairly major one is the horrible navigational controls.

Unintuitive actions on simple commands such as unloading the ship, to lack of stats without mousing over inventory graphics are examples of this primitive navigation. Our suggestion is to get your history prof. to make this game a semester project. If you can get credit for it then it will be worth every gold piece, otherwise you might wait for 1507 to come out with some better controls.

If you’re a true collegiate gamer, then today rejoice! There is finally a true desktop replacement for gamers. Alienware has just released a newly redesigned Area-51m mobile gaming system and it kicks Alien ass. This system not only looks good (or freaky) depending on your viewpoint, with it’s magnesium alloy case design and alien eye gripping love handles, it truly packs the power to handle the most demanding gaming experience. Also as a mobile gaming first, Alienware put in upgradeable graphic modules, protecting your investment for years to come. It’s also worth noting Alienware’s exceptional upgrade policy which includes providing upgrade hardware at cost plus free installation and AlienCare Advanced tech support. So what’s under the hood?

A NVIDIA GeForce™ FX 56 Go5600 128 MB DDR, up to a 3.2Ghz P4 with 800 Mhz Front Side Bus, 7200RPM Hard Drive w/ 8 MB cache, built in 802.11a+b wireless connectivity and a crystal clear 16.1 UXGA Display "better to shoot you with…"


Brave the “New World” with this new edition to the “craft” or “civ” genre. New World begins with an intro movie which truly puts you in the spirit of the early explorers who must have been amazed at the abundance of the resources of the New World. Build your thriving colony with over 340 authentic buildings from churches to plantations, trade with nine different cultures including the Venetians, Native Americans, Aztecs, Polynesians and Moors. Whether your build your empire through military might or through peaceful trade you have your work cut out for you.

Get your game on wherever you go. Whether you’re going to a LAN party or just bringing your console to your friends house, there’s now an easy solution with the LASR GamePak™. This backpack was truly created for the mobile gamer with custom designs for Xbox,™, Sony Playstation®2, and Nintendo GameCube™ consoles. It allows for play right out of the bag with vented sides and a bottom zippered compartment which allows power and AV cables to stretch out. It has a sturdy rubberized handle and bottom corner padding which protects the bottom of the bag. It also has 8 non-scratch CD/DVD pockets, 2 memory card pouches, and a game manual pouch. We suppose there is also plenty of room for textbooks or your laptop. You can find a LASR GamePak at Fry’s Electronics and soon many more game stores. It’s also available for order on LASR’s website -www.lasraccessories.com for $34.95 to $39.95 depending on which model.

We like aliens, but not clowns. If you concur with this sentiment check out: www.ihateclowns.com