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If you’ve been to a baseball game lately, there’s no doubt that you’ve probably heard Kory & the Fireflies’ "Pop Fly." Described as feel good rock and roll, Kory and the Fireflies’ tunes are intoxicating. Their lyrics and tunes get stuck in your head, just look at the

With spring right around the corner, bikini season is soon to follow. That means its time to shape up that flabby winter body! If you are in need of some tips to getting fit for summer, read on. There is a plethora of books and videos out there to help you get your fitness groove on.

Here at U., we’ve tested and given a few of these books and videos thumbs up. The skinny is below.

This 20-minute workout is a great way to jump-start a new exercise routine. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, this sequence of flowing poses will make anyone feel the burn. A nice change of pace, low impact workout is what this delivers. Available on DVD and VHS.

overwhelming success "Pop Fly" has had on baseball. Kory & the Fireflies’ third CD, "Everyone," offers an eclectic mix of folk, pop, and rock, which sounds similar to Oar coupled with R.E.M. Here at U., we think Kory has the right formula for a hit and lasting career.

These books offer a fat blasting workout to flatten your abs in 14 days. Formulated specifically for men and women, these workouts offer a quick solution to tightening flabby abs. Written to offer you a quick-easy to follow regimen, you’ll put the book down and want to immediately start sculpting.

Club Nation America

"Volume Two"

If you want to get the party started, this is the CD to play! From the infamous Ministry of Sound, "Club Nation America Volume Two" is yet another techno compilation that absolutely rocks. Some of the tracks include artists like Frou Frou, Daniel Beddingfield, DJ Sammy, and Mark J. Blige. This double CD set is a must have!

Breaking Benjamin


New on the scene, Breaking Benjamin offers a fresh sound with a metal twist. Their first single "Polyamorous," off their new album, "Saturate," is already in high rotation on MTV, and is sure to please even the most discriminating rock lover.

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