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What is your favorite thing about movies? While I like acting I also like writing as well. I would like to write a script but I might be better at writing a stage play.

Would you ever want to direct? Directors seem to get ulcers and right now I like someone else taking that responsibility.

What’s your favorite movie? "Splendor in the Grass" also "Clue"c

What is your favorite food? Great crab cakes and all seafood.

What’s your favorite thing to do? I love to travel.

What’s the most romantic place you ever been? Definitely Prague but also Venice.

What’s special about Prague? Prague has beautiful architecture which is a blend of slavic and western influences. It makes me think the stage is set for a vampire movie, but in a good way. They also have an incredible history with invasion after invasion which has made such a mark on the city.

While there, I also learned about the Soviet invasion and occupation which was very interesting. Now that they’re a democracy, it’s nice that their talented artists show their art and photography in the open air without fear or censorship.

What drives you crazy? - in a bad way. A lot of things drive me crazy. Politics for one. I don’t like how bills are passed that have a trojan horse motive for future law modifications. I also hate rhetoric. For instance, I believe that 9.11 was used and exploited which is a shame.

What drives your crazy? - in a good way. Thinking. Pursed lips. These are good hard questions. Seeing a bad movie because it makes me want to improve the movie.