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Finally, an original shoot’em up. With a hilarious cast of characters, weapons and original story, ‘A & D’ will shoot it’s way to your favorite game shelf. The cast includes the Lionhearts, a band of good rebels fighting against the tyranny of a tyrant king. From there the Robin Hoodesque story sharply departs to it’s mission to recapture the Book of Rule which will bring balance back to the kingdom. All the while, Lionheart "Wanted" posters keep going up in value as you become more of a thorn in the king’s side. The characters are so comical, this game could be called Funny & Dangerous even though we like it named as is. Our heroes include a criminal mastermind named Roman, and his sidekicks which include a crazy old blind man, a mole and a robot. If you ever saw the movie Snatch, then you’ll love the smacky talk of the Lionhearts which sounds like a bout of English, Irish and Scot. New and original guns include the Shark Gun which launches a ‘land shark’ which proceeds out to chomp your enemies into bite size snacks. Then there is the Black Hole Bomb which dishes out a miniature black hole and a whole lot of whoop ass on the battlefield and the Topsy Turvey bomb that turns your enemies on their head. The game also is loaded with 17 weapons including your normal weapon armory including rocket launcher, machine gun, sniper rifle, and a mortar gun that looks like an old fashioned tuba musket affectionately named "Old Bessy" by its designer.

The game includes 21 action packed missions and covers landscapes from frozen tundras, mountain vistas, fantasy villages to quasi industrial wastelands. We also can not forget to mention the awesome jet pack that your given on certain levels which was not only fun to use but unique in its look and physics. We give this game a strong "BUY" recommendation.

The only thing holding it back from the coveted "5 Thumb" award is that it is single player. We just wish we could strap on the jet pack and launch a land shark or mortar at our friends. That aside, buy it and you’ll not only love the game play but laugh your ass off.



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