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If you’re flying a Spitfire, you can squirrel away, but if you’re flying a bomber it’s like driving a bus. I liked the varied missions including getting to fly secretly into enemy territory with a captured German JU88. Even though the game is titled ‘Over Normandy,’you also get to fly missions in the Pacific Theatre against Japanese zeros, destroyers and bases. Lucas Arts also commissioned a 110 piece orchestra to put together the musical score for this epic drama! What game gets a 110 piece orchestra??? This music really ads to the feeling of the game and makes you want to clench your jaw and take that mission assignment folder even if you know you probably won’t make it back. Further adding to the realism, the sound design team was able to record actual engine sounds from a number of authentic WWII aircrafts like the P-51 Mustang and they even located and recorded sounds from the last Japanese Zero plane in existence. As you play, you’ll find yourself cringing as you hear bullets ripping into your wings, that is unless you get hit by flack and are completely disintegrated. As Wilbur Richardson, a real veteran pilot of 30 WWII bomber missions, who was interviewed for the game said, "You just had to grit and bare it." Accept the mission.


In "Secret Weapons over Normandy" you’re recruited to fight and fly over the battlefields of WWII. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a realistic aerial flight game that puts past flight simulators to a boring shame. This aviation masterpiece was made possible because Lucas Arts produced it along with the legendary game designer Larry Holland and Peter Hirschmann. Every aspect of the history of the war, the planes and the pilots that flew the missions was researched to keep the game true to what the pilots actually experienced. In the game you get to fly every aircraft that flew in WWII. From the Mark 5 Spitfire to the Mustang to the P-38’s, you get to experience all the nuances, strengths and weaknesses of each plane. You also have the option after completing successful missions to upgrade your planes with an assortment of armament and engine upgrades. The flying in the game is at times difficult, but in a real way.


Ultimately, Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga sinks its hooks into you with the side games and adventures that result in better items and more powerful characters.
We have to give this game an enthusiastic thumbs up. We must warn any potential player of the fiend they may become after playing this game. It will not be uncommon to eat, sleep and drink Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.

Why did Nintendo have to release one of the most addictive role playing games ever right before finals? Perhaps it is because they love to torture us with wicked puzzles and mazes, and maybe they think that it will help get our minds churning before an exhausting test season. Regardless of their motive, Nintendo gets an A+ for ‘Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga’. Riddled with exotic characters and engrossing challenges, Superstar Saga delights every level of player. Featuring the usual suspects, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser, the game unfolds into a story involving treachery and ultimately victory. What is unique about this game is that it enables the player to revisit previous settings because all of interconnectedworlds. The game is not based on levels, rather the story and tasks that Mario and Luigi accomplish in the process. Higher levels are achieved through battle with the peculiar creatures that get in Mario and Luigi’s way. An addictive element is laced throughout each of the stages along with the mysterious items and pathways that can only be revealed later in the game. Superstar Saga leaves you wondering why you can’t crush a black rock when you can crush a brown rock, and how Mario and Luigi can dig, jump and surf to find better tools and equipment.

Wanna Ruck?? Well, that’s exactly what you get to do with Rugby 2004. True to the game from scrums to rucks, play your way to compete in the Rugby World Cup. Choose your team from anywhere in the world and play in over 300 stadiums around the globe. Not too familiar with the sport? Then go to ‘training camp’ where you can scrimmage and hone your skills. Another great feature of this game is you can create your own player. Choose from any team, choose facial features, body type and even hair styles. The only downer to this game is control. If you’ve got a game controller, you’re on your way to becoming a winner. Otherwise, using keyboard controls will land you in last place and a spectator on the field.