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Mad Child, Prevail, Rob The Viking and Moka Only burst onto the stage with a pumped-up rendition of Anthrax Island to open the show. Throughout the set, they performed old tracks like Strength, Lady Venom, Bless and Destroy, Killing Spree, Deep End, Steppin’ Thru, Breathe, Red Dragon and Fuel Injected. Some of the new tracks included Block Party and Watch This. Moka Only sang a track off his latest, Lowdown Suite, and even Mr. Brady had a cameo and rocked a track off Dirty, his new LP. After an hour set, Swollen Members left the stage only to come back out for a half-hour encore blasting off with Take it Back. They exited the stage by thanking the fans and saying goodnight, and we were left looking forward to the next time we could see them perform live again.

already turned into a fiasco. The university has decided to limit graduation attendance to seven people per student, and is issuing tickets to enforce their decision. The seven ticket limit has outraged students, not at Aiken, but at UNCC, and has triggered a petition drive to overturn the university’s decision. The university is at a crossroads; if they overturn the decision, hoardes of Aiken-hungry fans will pile into the commencement, while if they stay the decision, many friends and family members will be shut out the students’ graduation ceremony. Ticket issuing has since begun, and scalping is already a problem. Some students are selling tickets UNCC officials are threatening to prosecute students scalping tickets, but that hasn’t stopped the tickets from going for a hundred dollars a pop -Bay. They are free to students through the university.

Swollen Members are rocking the hip hop underground above ground with their newest release Heavy. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, members Mad Child, Prevail, Rob The Viking and Moka Only all bring a fresh spin to the always-already sound of everyday hip hop. Intermingling elements of rock, hip hop and lyrical free styling, Swollen Members unleash an unparalleled sound explosion that is about to take on the American music scene. Released from the independent label Battleaxe, which was created by Mad Child, their fourth LP, Heavy, is a follow up to Monsters in the Closet, Bad Dreams and Balance. With a US tour currently in effect, Swollen Members are a mission to make themselves a household name.

Clay Aiken Fame is a crazy thing, so crazy that your college graduation is turned upside down by a zoo of fans, press and a gaggle of angry students. This is exactly the case for American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken. He is graduating from the University of North Carolina Charlotte this December 20, and it has