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Looking for the ultimate Dorm / apartment PC? Then look no further than the Winbook Fusion PC which combines a computer and an entertainment center in one. This amazing creature packs an enormous amount of technology in a slim unit with a flat screen that won’t take up a lot of

Our pick for the best fun:cost ratio gift to give this year is Superflight’s Aerobie Pro Flying Ring. Invented and designed by an aeronautical engineer and Stanford professor, Aerobie holds a Guinness World Record for the farthest throw, 1,257 feet. That record has since been broken by Erin Hemmings for his Aerobie flying ring throw of 1,333 feet. Superflight is offering a $1,000 reward to any person who breaks the current world record for throwing an Aerobie Pro Flying Ring and earns official recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records. To qualify for the $1,000 reward, the thrower must have the new world record accepted by the Guinness organization. Visit aerobie.com to learn more and find locations where you can buy one. Get a friend, get outside and have a fun, exhilarating game of catch. Warning, this is no ordinary frisbee. Watch out, Aerobie play is habit-forming. Avg. Retail Price: $9.99www.aerobie.com

desk space. The unit combines TV, DVD, MP3, FM Radio, PC and a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) all in one! It comes with a master wireless controller in which you can switch on the fly to the different functions and with it’s instant on technology, you won’t have to wait until the computer boots up before watching TV, listening to music, viewing a DVD or enjoying the radio. The Personal Video Recorder feature is especially noteable, because as with a VCR, you can record television, pause a live TV show, jump back a few seconds for an instant replay, and even skip commercials. Because the Fusion PC’s Winfast TV records directly to a hard drive, there’s not tape, and you can jump around between recorded shows without trying to find the right spot on a VHS tape. The Fusion PC also includes a wireless mouse and keyboard, an Intel Celeron 2.2 Ghz processor, 512 MB of DDR SDRAM, 15 inch XGA TFT Screen, 120 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW combination optical drive, and 10/100 Fast Ethernet all for only $1099!!! An upgraded version is also available with a Intel P4 2.66 Ghz processor, DVD-R/RW/CD-RW and 7200 RPM 160GB Hard Drive for $1,499. You can buy one at any MicroCenter stores coast-to-coast and at www.microcenter.com

Airzooka Any guy will love the Airzooka. This little invention sends a ball of air up to 20 feet away to biff your friends in the head. It’s amazing
that it actually works,

but after extensive testing, we can confirm that it absolutely does. I’ve sent my girlfriends pony tail flying many a time. You can buy it for only $14.95 at www.airzooka.com

Fingerweights Fingerweights are tiny weights to strengthen hands and fingers. There are different models for music, sports and health.


Non-magnetic and safe to wear while using the computer, improve your hand dexterity and control. The Manual gives pictures and repetitions for simple exercises. www.fingerweights.com