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Crown yourself King, destroy the One Ring and save Middle-earth in a game as classic as the battle of good vs. evil. Lord of the Rings Checkers has gold and silver ring game pieces engraved with the Elven inscription. The game board depicts a map of Middle-earth. Packaged in a cool collectible tin $14.95. Also try the special edition backgammon which comes in a wood case with metal rings. $39.95 www.USAopoly.com

If you have an Apple iPod you have to get the Griffin iTrip. This little devices opens up those thousands of songs you have stored in it and let’s you play it on your car stereo or any other FM radio. It does this by picking a station frequency that is not being used in your city/ vicinity and then broadcasting to that channel. It retails for $35 and can be purchased at any Apple store or at many of the online retailers or on the Griffin Technology site: www.griffintechnology.com. Also remember that iPods now work with PC’s, so if you don’t own an iPod get one and you’ll love it. www.griffintechnology.com

Two very fun versions of chess are here from USAopoly.com. These are a great way to put a fresh spin on your game or introduce a new player to chess in a lively way. Both games come with 32 custom-sculpted playing pieces and are packaged in designer tins.
Who doesn’t love Scooby and the Gang? Scooby-Doo Chess takes some of the stress out of the game with the help of all your favorite characters. A graveyard game board sets the scene for a mystery-filled game.
No more the loveable loser, Charlie Brown finally gets to be King! Peanuts Chess has all of the PEANUTS gang. Lucy, Linus and Snoopy as "Joe Cool" with Tweety’s bird bath standing tall as the rook. $39.95www.USAopoly.com

This simple but elegant accessory is awesome for any one that has a laptop and likes to use an added keyboard or monitor. The iCurve which sits virtually invisible under your laptop suspends it to eye level, frees up desk top space and helps cool off your computer by letting air flow pass underneath the laptop. $39.99 www.griffintechnology.com

Enter the world of Bugs, Tweety & Sylvester, Taz, Daffy, Road Runner and more with Looney Tunes Monopoly. The game has the same rules as regular monopoly with Looney Tune real estate offerings. We stayed up until 3am reviewing this game. Cutthroat buying, selling, bartering and begging were a must to survive. We had great laughs seeing one opponent get rich using his slumlord tactics, while another got desperate and a little despondent. All this over such properties as Bugs Bunny’s Rabbit Hole, Porky Pig’s House, Elmer Fudd’s Hunting Grounds, Marvin the Martian’s Planet X and the very coveted Sylvester’s Backyard. There’s still $200 to collect from passing Go, the Free Parking stash, and Jail, which actually was a relief to one player very low on cash… Buy it online atwww.USAopoly.com

Work and play longer and stronger on your computer with the new Nyko Air Flo Mouse. A built-in fan gently pushes air through small pores on the outer shell to keep your hand cool. The fan is very quiet and the mouse is comfortable to use for either left or right-handers, due to the smart rubber side grips and scroll wheel. See all the cool products at www.nyko.com. $39.99

This versatile PC card let’s you connect your laptop or PocketPC to any 802.11b wireless network, the most common wireless networks, and plug your camera compact flash cards into your computer with no extra wires needed. The adapter can be purchased with or without the additional 128 MB Compact Flash card. $99 without the Compact Flash Card or $129 with the additional memory. The card also comes with a three year warranty

If you have an Apple iPod you’ll also want to get a PowerPod which let’s you power it in your vehicle. $24.99 www.griffintechnology.com