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New iTalk

Want a handy way to record your professor’s lectures or take voice notes?

SD Memory Card For your SD memory card, you’ll want to buy SanDisk which is the leading manufacturer of memory cards.
New iPod

Apple has upped the ante again with its new 4th generation iPod. The latest versions, which work with either a Mac or PC, boast either 20 or 40 GB of song storage allowing up to 10,000 songs in your pocket. It also includes their patent pending Click Wheel, which combines smooth and continuous scrolling of the touch-sensitive wheel with five push buttons for single-handed navigation. Another great feature is a new 12-hour battery life. Are you new to what an iPod is? It’s a complete music system that let’s you burn and record all of your CD’s as well as purchase legal music from itunes.com. All of your music is then synchronized between your laptop and iPod. You can then either listen to your music from your computer or from your iPod when you’re mobile, working out, on campus, commuting, or wherever you want. What’s really nice is that besides having your whole music library at your fingertips, you can create customized play lists of your favorite songs and essentially become your own DJ. In addition, the new iPod’s have several other neat features such as a note reader, which might, for example, contain your workout routine, driving directions, etc. There are also four games that come with it: Music Quiz, Brick, Solitaire, and Parachute which can all be played while you’re listening to your music. It also includes an alarm clock and sleep timer in which you can wake up or fall asleep to your favorite music. It’s also important to discuss the source of buying legal music which is Apple’s itunes.com website. This is the #1 music download site with over 1,000,000 tracks from the five major music labels as well as 600 independent labels. There have now been 100 million songs downloaded from the iTunes music store. You can purchase either a single song for 99 cents or a whole album for $9.99. In a further validation of Apple’s superior music product, HP, the world’s largest computer manufacturer has picked the iPod platform as their new mp3 player. Our recommendation - run to the store and go buy an iPod!

If you have an iPod, you can buy a voice recording attachment from Griffin Technology for about $39. Voice recording takes up about 1 MB of storage per minute. The 40GB iPod can store up to 28 days of continuous recording to put it in perspective. Generally, you’ll want to offload long lectures from the iPod onto your computer, to not take up or waste space. When recording a professor in class, you’ll want to sit in the first few rows in order to get a clear recording. You can play back the recording through iTalk’s built in speaker or through your headphones. It’s nice having the little speaker because you can listen to songs with friends, when say you’re all stuffed in a train cabin trekking through Europe or cabbing it out on the town. In addition, you truly have a portable alarm clock when traveling due to iPod’s built in alarm clock and iTalk’s speaker. Last, but not least, the “lecture note” capability might just be the justification to get your parents to buy you this indispensable iPod & iTalk school essential.

HP R607 and R707 Cameras

No college student, at least ideally, should be without a camera to record their college memories. HP has come out with their newest versions of their 4 megapixel (R607) and 5 megapixel (R707) digital cameras. HP, which received high marks last year for their 735 model, has continued to improve with new “Adaptive Lighting Technology”, in-camera red-eye removal and compact design. Both cameras also have similar intuitive controls which make it easy to use and access high end features. Both cameras also have the ability to record video which provides you with a videocam as well as a camera. You’ll want to buy a large SD chip though in order to take all of the video you want. One additional improvement is also the new ion rechargeable battery which is about half the size of two AA’s, lasts longer, and is rechargeable. It you get these cameras, I would also recommend the docking station which makes it easy to connect your camera with your computer, but also has an additional rechargeable battery bay so you can always have a charged battery on standby. The R607 sells for about $299, the R707 for $349, and the “R Series” docking station for $79.

You can find SanDisk at any electronics or computer store. Their high speed Ultra II SD cards range in size from 64MB, 128MB, 256MB and 512MB all the way up to 1GB. In November, SanDisk is producing their new 2GB SD card which is double the capacity of any other manufactured SD card. www.sandisk.com

Pacific Design It’s all in the Bag

Guys: The Nucleus PC Portfolio is super-thin and state-of-the-art. I tested this carrier with my 15" Mac laptop, power supply, notepad, pens, cellphone and a bag of cashews. I could’ve fit more. As I walked through an airport seeing clunky briefcases of yore, I smiled at my innovative find. Ladies: Need a backpack-sized carrier? The Urban Executive has pockets for everything-laptop, PDA, books, weekend wear, etc. Napa leather makes this bag look very expensive. Cushiony shoulder strap and thick handles make you know Pacific Design thinks about customer comfort as well as great design.Both bags fit most 15" laptops and come with a lifetime warranty. www.pacificdesign.com