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In short we do not want to give away what you should go and experience in person, but we’ll guarantee that you’ll leave entertained and feeling like you received an acoustic and mental massage. In Las Vegas at the Luxor they have two shows nightly at 7 PM and 10 PM. For ticket information for any of the cities go to: www.blueman.com


If Blue Man Group has not entered your collective conscious, perhaps we might be able to enlighten you with their “out of the art box” performance and music.

Blue Man Group started as three street performers which has transformed into one of the hottest theatrical performance groups with over 500 employees and an elite army of 30 blue men and 50 musicians. The group started their award winning act in the Astor Place Theatre in New York (1991), and have now grown to shows in 5 cities: Boston(1995), Chicago(1997), Las Vegas(2000) and Berlin this May 2004. Through their inventive use of new instruments, Blue Man Group scored a Grammy nomination for their debut Album "Audio" in 1999. They further expanded their music with their second album, “The Complex“ in which they departed from a purely instrumental work to a vocal collaboration of many artists including Dave Matthews. I had the opportunity to see the show in Blue Man Group’s largest venue, the 1,200 seat Luxor Theatre in Las Vegas. Blue Man Group is a bit hard to describe because there is nothing else like it. Beyond the blue personas, miles of PVC pipe and track record that the original three founders Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink created, lies a purely unique and original blend of music, theatrics and color.

Their act which obviously leans heavily into the percussion spectrum, combines audience interaction, “live art”, a streaming flow of consciousness and other household objects. It’s loud yet pensive, it rocks and yet makes you think.


The Complex is Blue Man Group’s second album which further pushed their unique view of the world and collaborative process. “In our view, the whole point of collaboration is to create a special alchemy that catapults the work into an unpredictable new place,” Blue Man Group. That new place includes 14 tracks of heart pounding sound from their unique tube instruments, giant walls of percussion, and other invented instruments along with thrashing guitars and guest vocalists such as Dave Matthews, Rob Swift, Dan the Automator, Venus Hum and Arone Dyer. The songs range from the flowing “Sing Along” with Matthews, to the wraith like “Shadows Part 2”, the interspective “Persona”, heart pumping “The Current” and “What is Rock.” Blue Man Group’s version of “I Feel Love” has just moved up to #10 on the Billboard Dance Radio Top 25 Chart. Blue Man Group closed this year’s DanceStar USA Music Awards show with a performance of the song with Annette Strean from Venus Hum. You can view the video of “I Feel Love” on www.blueman.com. Then there is the classic “White Rabbit” by Grace Slick with Blue Man Group drummification and haunting lyrics sung by Esthero which is also played live at the Blue Man Group shows. “Exhibit 13,” the last track on the album is