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Blue Man Group’s response to the 9/11 tragedy which was made into a short film and can be viewed at
www.exhibit13.com. You can also buy individual songs from the album for 99 cents on www.itunes.com. It’s a partial album that is available online with twelve of the fourteen songs. Missing online is “Sing Along” and “White Rabbit” but there are 9 different remix versions of “I Feel Love.” Also it’s worth going on to iTunes because you can get a good listen of the album.


During the show, are the people picked to participate chosen before hand?

(Jeremy) It’s all spontaneous. We try to look for subtle signals, but there is very little filtering, it’s all done on the fly. We got to know each other so well, that we know and trust when one of us has found the “right” person.

How often do you change the content of the show?

(Isaac) Funny you should ask; just this last month changes have been made in New York, Chicago, and Boston. BMG has implemented new music and made it true to form, but modernized. We’re looking for all of the shows to evolve.

Does the company pick up your cost of living while you switch cities? Yes, the Company picks up our living expenses.


The next day after seeing the show I had the opportunity to interview 3 of the talented Blue Man Group “blue men.” I stepped back stage and was taken past the giant amorphous conglomerations of pipes they use as instruments including the largest drum I’ve ever seen in my life. I also could not leave out the multi level platforms and cubes that the incredible band play in their neon skeletal costumes in support of the blue men. Down we went into the bowels of the theatre, and finally after meandering through these production catacombs, I was brought to the room to see the blue men unmasked. To my surprise they all had hair! After acclimating to the fact that they weren’t really blue aliens, but normal talented homo sapiens, I got down to some questions. The three “blue men” ; that I interviewed were Isaac Eddy, Jeremy Gill, and Brett Gillen.


Is the “Late Arrival” bit spontaneous, or do you get a heads up?

(Hint, hint: Don't go to the show late.) (Isaac) Funny you should call it a bit. It is not scripted and everything is real time. We’re there with a mission. Spontaneity is the key, or there would be no reason for the show.

Do you get to perform in other cities with the other BMG crews or are you strictly a Vegas performer?

Brett’s performed in New York, Jeremy started in Chicago and has played in New York. It’s really a cross pollination of all of the blue men. This collaboration and exchanging of ideas is what continues to help refine and improve the show.

(Isaac) I was hired for Vegas but I will also be in New York in a week.

Describe the preparation for each show, both individually and as a production.

(The trio) Production starts at 3 and 4 in the afternoon. We start synching with band at 5, and then break for individual makeup which can be anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes. A big part of getting synched is spending time together beforehand to get on the same page. The more time we spend together, the better we perform. It’s amazing to be a part of this production. Also it’s the small discussions in bars after the show between the Blue men that help the building and bonding of the show.

How did you get to be a Blue Man?

(Jeremy) I went to an open call in Vegas in 99’ after seeing the show in Boston.
I had a drumming background and minor acting background. I didn’t make the cut the first time. Six months later after doing some additional training in acting I tried out for drumming positions and got the job. What they’re looking for is raw talent, but they will grow with you if they see the talent. (Isaac) That’s what’s cool about the company. I had a lot of acting and no drumming. I was living in LA when I auditioned. I had to take drumming for six months before I was accepted. It’s never guaranteed that you will get accepted if they give you advice but it’s great that they’ll work with you and it’s stressful.