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Blue Man music and performances have been honored with Grammy and Emmy nominations. Who develops the music and acts?
The three original guys (Matt, Phil and Chris) who collaborate with the band members and other musicians they work with. For instance, one of the musicians in the band came up with a whole different way to play an instrument.

What’s the most challenging part of being a Blue Man?
(Jeremy) Keeping it fresh and exciting. It could get boring if we didn’t have the right outlook. (Isaac) Balancing the technique, drumming chops, throwing gumballs, and balancing it with the spontaneous. (Brett) Balancing the adulation from the crowd vs. the disinterest when I’m out of costume. That’s tough!

Are there any Blue Women in the near future?
Who knows. There actually has been one, so there is precedence. In future - perhaps blue women, blue kids...

Are you ever blue?

There are times in the show when you might be blue but probably more often scared.

Last night after the gumballs all three rows stood up. We never know what’s going to happen. They’re animals some nights.

What do you like to do in your free time?
(Brett) Practice throwing marshmallows
We’re making a movie, “Thejob.com”

Do you ever have to buy toilet paper at home (you have to see the show)?
No comment.

Are you Mac or PC guys? Two in each group are usually one or the other.
(Isaac) I’m a Mac guy, the other two are sworn PC users.
(Jeremy) I like PC’s because I like to build them.
(Brett) I have no excuse, it’s just what I learned first.

Do you have groupies? (Brett) Millions when we are in costume, none after the costume is off.
(Isaac) The whole purpose of the show is building a connection, it’s more of a celebration with the fans.

If you’re a college student visiting Las Vegas, this is THE one show to see. If you live closer to Boston, Chicago, or New York catch your local show. Also if your traveling to Europe this summer, go see their newest venue in Berlin. To learn more about all things blue, including trying out and casting calls go to: www.blueman.com