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You can view more at
www.canyon-forest.com. There is an English button in the upper left corner of the website which is not too apparent. It’s best to call ahead and make reservations. They also offer group rates.


Cannes is perhaps best known today for it’s International Film Festival, however up to the 10th century Cannes was known for the Isles of Lérins that sit off its coast. Saint-Honorat (originally Lerina), the smallest of the two islands and Sainte-Marguerite (originally Lero) were early Roman settlements which grew to prominence at the beginning of the 5th century as two monks Honorat and Caprais settled on them. Lérins, became the best known monastery in all of Christendom with up to 500 monks living there, including Saint Patrick who evangelized Ireland. The monastery became fortified at Saint-Honorat and still stands tall overlooking these important crossroads. Monks still live on the island today and also produce a limited quantity of wine of about 30,000 bottles a year under the name “Vendanges des moines” or Monk’s Grape Harvest. You can only buy this wine at the monastery or in Cannes.

Cannes comes to life at night and midnight is when the DJ’s turn up their decks and clubbers gyrate to the music until dawn. There is an abundance of discos such as the Lady Bird (formerly, Whisky a Gogo), Le Jimmy’z, Le palais des Festivals, Le Jane’s and many more. If you survive the night, you might want to try one of Cannes best museums, the Musee de la Castre. This museum of primitive art also holds a great collection of paintings specifically of Cannes and sits at the site of the original town castle. The tower still stands with a breathtaking view of the city and harbor. If you get enlisted into the museum’s treasure hunt, I’ll give you one clue; the tower has 108 steps. As to who’s wearing the gold earring, you’ll have to find out for yourself. And last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy Cannes’ beautiful sand beaches. I’m sure that the light on the water will not be the only site to beholden.

For more info go to www.guideriviera.com

I brought back a bottle and it was excellent. Sainte-Marguerite is also famous for it’s prison, which held the Man in the Iron Mask from 1687-1698. The royal fort there now also houses the Musee de la Mer or Museum of the Sea. Cannes also grew initially out of a castle on the hill as the city and the islands were a popular place to attack due to their strategic location. Cannes today is full of art, fashion, culture, and shopping along with an active nightlife. We visited one of the trendiest fashion restaurant / nightclubs, “Le Tantra.” While sitting on plush sofas you can enjoy the chefs artistry which is a fusion of oriental and occidental cuisine and music of the loft. (Tel 04 93 39 40 39, 13 Rue du docteur

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