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 Holiday Gift Guide 
It's hard to believe, but the holidays are fast upon us. While early and very organized shoppers might have their list complete, the rest of us are just starting or are still trying to find the right gift for that certain hard to shop for parent, sibling or friend. Below are some of our top picks for both innovative and fun products organized in price categories. You won't go wrong with any of these picks. God bless and have a happy holiday season and New Years!

Products: $49-$199
  SCOTTeVEST 3.0 Tech Jacket
Price Tag: $169

SCOTTeVEST: Functionable, fashionable clothing that's so innovative it's worn by the Secret Service. The Technology Enabled Sportcoat, Cargo pants, fleecewear, and the original ScotteVest all look, feel and fit great with up to 32 hidden pockets allowing you to be wired anytime. www.scottevest.com



$48 & Below
Nintendo DS
Price Tag: $149

Nintendo, the leader in hand held gaming has upped the ante with it's new DS (Dual Display) unit. Nintendo's GameBoy Advance was already the most popular mobile gaming platform, but they're sure to keep their lead with this new innovative gaming system. The DS allows you to interact with games by touch screen like a PDA. Add that to two great screens and wireless connectivity and you have the future of mobile gaming at hand. Nintendo's initial supply of 1,000,000 million units for North America is expected to be gone by year end so go get yours while you can!
Sassybax Bra
Price Tag: $58-68

Tired of your bra being your enemy? This new sexy, comfortable bra smooths out lines and shows off your true shape. Sassybax comes in seven colors and three styles. www.sassybax.com
Diamonds by the Inch Bracelet
Price Tag: $65

Kristalle Chandelier Earrings
Price Tag: $69

SanDisk Photo Album
Price Tag: $49

The photo album has been reinvented with the SanDisk Photo Album. This handy device allows you to show your photos on your TV. In addition you can also play any videos you captured on your camera and play your digital music as well on your TV. You can even create your own slide shows synchronized to your choice of music. Ultimately this device will let you show your digital wares without having to crowd your friends and family around your computer. Lastly, this is the smartest choice as a digital camera card reader for your computer as it supports every major format with its built in 8-in-1 reader. It also comes with a remote control for controlling picture playback and editing on the TV. This is a great gift for parents provided they use a digital camera.www.sandisk.com
Action II Rolling Backpack
Price Tag: $49

Use it as a backpack or a cool carry-on/overnight bag.  Just extend the telescoping handle and the in-line skate wheels roll your bag with ease. It features the PD Traveler Compartment, a large general storage area for books, computer and clothes. www.pacificdesign.com