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against his once-promising Padawan learner in a lightsaber battle on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. “This is, by far, the fastest-paced, most thrilling and most intense of all Star Wars movies,” says Sith producer Rick McCallum. “Because Star Wars fans have long known many of the key plot points that drive the movie, George wanted to create an experience that would surprise them and really deliver the goods.”

The final lightsaber duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan is just one of many show-stopping action sequences in Revenge of the Sith. “It’s amazing how much action there is in this movie,” says McGregor. “It’s no-holds-barred.”

One of the highlights is the opening space battle, which recalls the thrilling dogfights of Episode IV A New Hope even though, technically, it doesn’t take place in space, but in the outer atmosphere of Coruscant. “That allows us to show really spectacular things like massive explosions, fire and smoke pouring off of the spaceships,21 McCallum says.

There’s also intense hand-to-hand combat between Obi-Wan and Grievous, who is a chilling combination of droid and human, foretelling the ultimate fate of Anakin Skywalker himself. “During Revenge of the Sith, the Clone Wars are still taking place throughout the galaxy, so everyone is in full battle mode, prepared for anything to happen at any moment,” Lucas says.

The action in Revenge of the Sith is also a crucial link to A New Hope, which, as few can forget, opens as Darth Vader and his stormtroopers invade a Rebel spaceship. It is the final episode in a saga that Lucas outlined in the early 1970s. “It was a long back-story outline, mostly about how the characters came to be where they are in Episode IV A New Hope,” Lucas says. “Even though I didn’t start- (cont.)