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     Griffin’s “TuneBuds for nano”

Review By
Kaustav Acharya

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at Griffin’s “TuneBuds for Nano” is the silver piece that connects itself to the bottom end of the iPod which covers the headphone jack. Nice touch. This way you can’t really yank it out unless you REALLY try. Nylon threading hides the unnecessary headphone cords to keep it neat and I think the only area you have to worry about is the sound quality.
For about $35.00, you can get yourself TuneBuds and while they’re comfortable to listen to over long periods of time, the sound quality initially was nothing spectacular. I started off with a Lord of the Rings track (Anduril if you must know) to get a sense of the classical music capabilities. Even with the equalizer set to the appropriate setting, the higher notes still seemed to be quite shrill. It seemed to me that the latter half of the equalizer was set to the maximum, producing a head-aching discord and no matter what I did to try to balance the sound, nothing improved.


It was then that I realized it would probably work to my best advantage if I really squeezed the earpieces in tight. You of course turn the volume down to compensate for the direct noise flow to save your eardrums, but after doing that, my whole opinion on this product changed.

The sound became alive! There were still some shrill high notes, but not to any annoying degree. The melodic strings came into full effect as I cranked up the volume with a bit of crackling here and there, but it was time for a hardcore test. I needed something upbeat, something that had highs and lows, something that had heavy bass. Look no further than to Euro Techno. The beat starts up and the headphones become a thundering bass box. The sound was very satisfying. Not your run in the park set of $5.00 headphones bought from your local Radio Shack that’ll fall apart in a few trips to the gym - TuneBuds are sturdy. Heck, I even twirled them around a bit as I was walking around the office and considering there are no loose parts plastered around the walls, I think it’s safe to say this these are a good investment as an accessory to your iPod Nano. 4.5/5