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If you’re not looking for something serious to play on your Wednesday night, this game will keep you smiling. The open-world setting lets you choose different objectives and you can complete them at your own pace. You have your standard, acceleration, braking, and emergency braking features, but you here you can also do power-slides and jumping? Yes folks, you get to jump your car and you can balance the car out on one wheel. Being a hardcore Gran Turismo fan, I found this a little surprising. But in all honestly, this game is meant to have fun with. It’s not set out to have the most realistic physics, or the most customizations. It’s a game well suited for players of all ages in this 30 race/mini-game extravaganza. The racing mechanic in the game however is a little TOO simple, giving experienced racers a bit too much of an edge.

Lightning McQueen, the star of the film obviously is in the game and you first start out playing as him. As the game progresses, you unlock other playable characters, and you get to take them on their individual quests. You also have the ability to enter in cheat codes from the main menu. So this enables you to not need another $40.00 game cheat software accessory like Gameshark or Codebreaker. Not that you would need, one, but in case you wanted to unlock everything and just drive around, you can find these codes on the Internet.


Upon a little research, I found that Rainbow joined forces with Pixar to create fourteen additional characters that didn’t get a shot at the big screen. Not too bad of an idea, when the game is set to finish between 10-15 hours depending your rate and skill of play. It’s not something that’ll keep you hooked on hours, but if you’re just looking for a little bit of video game delight, there is aplenty in this game. Definitely worth a pick up, and would make a fun birthday game for the kids to play!

On cross platforms, as we decided to test this on a Windows and Macintosh computer, XBOX, and PS2, we found the results similar. While the graphics of course were toned down the lighter versions (i.e. Gamecube), we found something that bugged us quite a bit: The not so subtle delayed save time. It takes approximately 10-15 seconds to save your progress. I had seen that come up as an issue at E3, but thought that upon release, they would’ve fixed it. Guess not, or maybe they did and this is just the best they can do? I don’t know. I just know that I hate waiting for a game to save. A few times I thought my system had locked up. It’s still a great game, but for that aspect alone, I give this game 4/5 thumbs.