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     Griffin’s “iClear for iPod with Video”

Review By
Kaustav Acharya

Introducing the Griffin iClear for iPod with video. This gadget is a simple, but special accessory for your expensive Apple gizmo. The protective case is made of transparent polycarbonate, is easy to handle and can really save you a few headaches should you happen to drop the iPod on the floor or spill a bit of liquid on it. Griffin has constructed this accessory with a really tough polycarbonate two-piece shell that can house both the 30GB and the 60GB iPod with video. The result is that that you can bang it around (within reason of course) and let life take you and your iPod with you. It's a great little thing and should be a must for people that use their iPods on a regular basis. What's not to like? A clear case for your iPod that won't distort the video picture, sturdy construction, and hey it's cheap too! Pick it up from your favorite electronics stores for $19.95 or order online at:


4.5/5 U's.