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  C4-NGen Gaming Mouspad
Review By
Kaustav Acharya

This week's Gadget follows the trend we've set on being a bit offbeat. Let me introduce you to the new C4-NGen Gaming Mousepad.

For CS Hyde, a company that manufactures mostly adhesives, films, and fabrics, the mousepad area was relatively unexplored.   The company took note however, when gamers began calling into their hotlines asking for Teflon stick-ons to put under their mice.   A CS Hyde research team put together an experimental prototype using excess materials around their warehouse and created this awesome mousepad.

At less than $16.00, this mousepad is not your average cheapo, floppy thing that you expect to use for less than a year and then have to discard. No, this mousepad is unique.   The top layer is constructed of Teflon and the bottom is a specially woven material that reflects laser light.   If you have an optical mouse, the reflection is so precise it even picks up the slightest tremors of the garage door opening downstairs. It's also extremely thin, with the largest pad being 0.125" thick. That is insane!!

The pad is also rated for usage temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (you really have to wonder how they tested it) and you can even spill stuff on it, wipe it off and walk away without a care in the world.   A form of the Teflon material used on the top layer of C4-NGen Gaming Mousepad even went up into space.   Talk about hi-tech!

So, in essence, for less than an Andrew Jackson you get really spiffy, lightweight copper mousepad that has incredible accuracy, compatible with the latest and greatest of optical mice. I think this is a great invention and worth every penny. 5/5 U's. 5/5 U's!