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The graphics of course are absolutely spectacular. The in-game animation is solid: no choppy edges, crisp detail in the environments, and superb lighting. The one thing, I (and other it seems like) seem to not like that much is the fact that the scenery seems to be overused.

The sound, music, special effects, and (this is a big one) the voiceovers are phenomenal. While eerie at times, the music sets the backdrop for the story and does it quite well. The special effects don't sound cheesy and tossed together on an old Roland keyboard. The voiceovers really are well done. The lip-synching is a little off seeing that the actors worked of the Japanese original, but I think it's well put together.

In conclusion, I think the game is a departure from the standard Final-Fantasy series in terms of game-play, but the story is strong enough to make up for it. While this is not on my "must-have" games, it is something that I would go pick up. It's because of this I give this game a solid rating: 4/5 Thumbs.


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