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Ety8 Bluetooth Headphones
Review By: Kaustav Acharya

Etymotic's newest headphones include the must-have Bluetooth technology. The system works well and uses the A2DP and AVRC Bluetooth profiles. The system also comes with an iPod adapter, 20Hz-16kHz/ 122dB/ 1kHz sensitivity output drivers, and not-so-subtle headphones. We tested these, and found that the sound quality was good, but nothing spectacular. What we liked about these was the range of the signal. We were able to listen to our iPod in the next room through walls and closed doors. This was very exciting. We do think that a redesign of the ear-buds is needed so they don't fall out with sudden movement, and the controls be a little bit more elegant. They seeemed to be rather 'clunky' compared to the rest of the package. We found that the noise canceling worked quite well as well, but for $299.00 with an iPod adapter, and $199.00 without, the unit is a bit too pricey. We suggest either buying them on sale at your local electronics vendor, or finding them on eBay for less.

3/5 U's.




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