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Boynq Alibi
Review by: Kaustav Acharya

Boynq’s Alibi really does tick the box in the cuteness category. The little device looks like it could have spawned itself from an animation studio rather than a Dutch gadget company. The $69.00 speaker and web-cam combo showcases itself as a ‘must-have’ item for the individual that enjoys the latest trends. The little 1.3MP (640x480 max resolution) camera pops out of the top and seems to be playing the ‘peek-a-boo’ game with us. The camera also rotates 300 degrees and can be tilted 25 degrees.

The Alibi is available in green, orange, pastel purple, and blue. The speaker element produces a decent sound. It’s not anything heart stopping, but good enough so your music doesn’t sound like a thundering annoyance.There is also a directional microphone, but we were hard pressed to find it, which really is a good thing.

In essence, the Alibi lives up to it’s nature of being a rather offbeat gadget. When you look at it, you can’t help but look back a second time and say ‘awww.’
Available at any iPod accessory store. 4/5 U’s.