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Dozens of celebs have made it into the pages of U., but only a few gave us classic quotes like these:

  • "Hopefully, it will be really big." – Married...With Children's David Faustino, 16, on his new rap group, The Outlaw Posse, which had just signed a deal with Motown records (April 1991)

  • "[Our music is] just all energy and cool lyrics. Well, we're just kind of drunk and stoned most of the time." –Nirvana bassist Chris Novoselic (December 1991)

  • "What do you want to be? A musician? You wanna be paid to be a musician? What a crapshoot! You better just enjoy playing music. Do it for music. It's the only way. You can't do it in your spare time, and it has to mean everything to you." – Eddie Vedder, (when he still granted interviews) (February 1992)

  • "I'm planning on graduating somewhere between '92 and '94. But if I get a few more roles ... I could be on the eight-year plan." – Matt Damon, 21, a Harvard U. student majoring in English with an emphasis in drama, during an interview promoting School Ties (May 1992)

  • "I think of myself as a filmmaker. Other people have a [different] perception of me. There was a time when I cared, but now I don't care anymore." – Spike Lee, one month before the release of X (November 1992)

  • "The best thing about it was that it's the only song to ever win a Grammy that says ‘fist f–k' in the lyrics." – Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, discussing the song "Wish" from his album Broken (April 1994)

  • "[Acting] can be very boring ... But at the same time, it's better than working in a factory." – actress/comedian Janeane Garofalo during an interview promoting The Truth About Cats and Dogs (April 1996)

  • "The people that I've seen gain the Freshman 15 are the people who also got the Sophomore 15, the Junior 15, the Senior 15 and the Adult Life 15." – French Stewart of "Third Rock From the Sun" (Back to U. 1996)

  • "Mulder thinks about UFOs the way other men think about sex. That's the challenge for me – to bring that kind of intensity to the part." – David Duchovny on playing "The X-Files" FBI special agent Fox Mulder (October 1995)

  • "I'm in my underwear, and you do see my butt cheeks. You're gonna throw up. And they're not stunt cheeks. They're mine...There's hair on 'em. There's cellulite. There's all kinds of shit. You can't duplicate my buttocks for comedy." – talk radio shockjock Howard Stern, discussing nudity in his film Private Parts (March, 1997)

  • "You can say it. The other [movies] I did sucked. I'll tell you straight up they sucked." – "Saved By the Bell"-boy Mark-Paul Gosselaar, before the release of Dead Man On Campus (Winter 1998)

  • "Lilith Fair is going to be major. It's going to be really major because you get to view both sides – the white people get to see how we perform, and we get to see how it is to perform for a white audience. And it's not even just a color thing, but just females getting out there, doing there thing." – Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot, before performing on the Lilith Fair tour (Spring 1998)

  • "I really don't like movies all that much. There's more to life than movies. Especially since most things are bullshit." – River Phoenix, 21, during an interview for My Own Private Idaho (February 1991)

  • "I'm completely pro-college and pro-education, but I feel like I'm getting such an incredible education doing what I'm doing right now that I wouldn't want to stop." – Winona Ryder, 21, during an interview promoting Bram Stoker's Dracula (December 1992)

  • "Even with ["Saturday Night Live"], you can't get away with as much. Everyone's just so hypersensitive. You need somebody to stand up and say, ‘Shut up. It's just a joke.'" – David Spade on the set of P.C.U. (December 1993)

  • "I think it's a lame excuse for a lot of these rappers to say they only call girls bitches or hos because [the women] act like that. It doesn't make them right." – rapper/actress Queen Latifah, 23, promoting her third record, Black Reign, and her TV show, "Living Single" (January/February 1994)

  • "We sent the script out, thinking that we can sell this, but we would have to be in it...we figured, worst case, we could just get $50,000 and make an extra-low budget movie. Then we'd at least have something to show people when we went for roles. But it didn't quite work out that way." – Ben Affleck before the release of Good Will Hunting, which he co-wrote with Matt Damon (November/December 1997)

  • "I like to think our fans tend to put a little more of themselves into our music than, say, Paula Abdul or something." – R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, during an interview promoting Automatic for the People (October 1992)

  • "When Francis Ford Coppola, Scorsese and De Palma do films, [the critics] never question them the way black filmmakers are questioned. If black filmmakers got to resort in making violent films about streets, that is not our problem – we are making what we see." – Allen Hughes, 20, from the set of Menace II Society, which he directed with twin brother Albert Hughes (January/February 1993)

  • "We'll have to see what happens, but I think the way my career has gone, with each thing I do, people get a deeper glimpse into what I might be capable of." – Demi Moore during an interview promoting A Few Good Men (December 1992)

  • "I guess, like they say, ignorance is bliss. I have always been around the entertinment business. It didn't occur to me that I might not succeed in it." – Cuba Gooding Jr. during an interview promoting Judgment Night (October 1993)

  • "The length of that trial, man, they needed Dickie V. up there. I would've moved that sucker along a lot quicker." – sportscaster Dick Vitale following the O.J. Simpson murder trial (January/February 1996)

  • "When I shake somebody's hand, the first thing I think of is whether or not they'd make a good scooper. If I get a good, firm handshake, I think, ‘That person oughta have a scoop in his hands." – Jerry of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, discussing handshakes (March 1996)

  • "We're intelligent, pretty well-educated people, and we're not finding jobs anywhere." – Reality Bites screenwriter Helen Childress, 23, on her inspiration for the movie (March 1994)

  • "Will you have sex with me? that's usually my opening line." – comedian Carrot Top, on dating (August/September 1995)

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