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Tech Talk
Why is it that you guys never include the U. of Delaware in any of your articles regarding technology on campus? We've been voted the No. 1 wired university [1994 Educause Award for Excellence in Campus Networking]. The U. of Delaware has provided ethernet connections in all dorm rooms, classrooms and even dining halls for quite a long time; they had them before I came here in the fall of 1994. The university also allows all students to have their own Web site, and provides detailed information about how to create them. I think you guys need to take a look at the U. of Delaware home page so that we're not ignored in the future.
Jen Gartner, senior, U. of Delaware

Picky About Quickies
I'm writing because I'm a bit perturbed about two Quickies, "Hands Off" and "The Miller's Tail" [Quickies, Spring 1998]. "Hands Off" troubled me because the last line states: "So is that what they mean by getting in touch with your inner child?" This comment strikes me as completely inane, given that Dr. Showalter was encouraging students to masturbate during sessions while he photographed them - this borders on sexual assault and it might bespeak pedophilia on the part of the psychiatrist. Ask yourself if it would be so funny if you were one of the psychiatrist's patients. It's not funny.

The final line of "The Miller's Tail" is: "Kerri Strug should be so lucky." Stalking is a serious and frightening experience and can escalate to physical violence or death. Is the writer implying that Kerri Strug is so unattractive that ANY male attention is a good thing?

I laughed at the other quickies.
Ev Schlatter, Ph.D. grad student in history, U. of New Mexico

No Affection Here
I hope you're kidding. I just got done reading your column on The Object of My Affection [Reel Deal, Spring 1998]. For anyone to use "Aniston" and "promising film career" in the same sentence is a sure sign of armageddon. Not only is she a poor actress at best (wow, what range on "Friends" - she can go from pretentious to snotty and back!), but that damn movie was already made. It was called Chasing Amy, remember? Only Kevin Smith had the balls to make it brutally honest and hilarious, and it was made for about one half of 1 percent of the cost. Show some opinion that's against the norm, and then you'll fully be supporting your readers.
Brian Murton, junior, U. of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Play Ball
I am writing in regards to your recent article about golf ["Bogey Nights," Spring 1998]. I think you are sadly mistaken. Golf is a beautiful game. When the sun is just coming up and there is still dew on the ground, many people love getting up in the morning to play a game of golf. Golf is actually a hard game. The object is to put a tiny ball in a hole that is well over 100 yards away, and the only tools you have are no more than 14 clubs all with different degrees of loft.

Furthermore, golf is a sport that can be played all of your life. Many sports require you to be strong, tall, flexible or fast. With golf, you do not have to be any of these - the only thing needed is the enjoyment of the game.
Brandon Long, sophomore, U. of Iowa

Last Call For Alcohol
I'm writing in response to your article "An Unhappy Hour for Alcohol" [Winter, 1998]. I felt that your article was biased, like so many other press releases, against the Greek system. I have been a member of the Greek system for the past five years. I will not deny that some people in fraternities and sororities do have drinking problems. This is not the issue that I intend to discuss. The problem that I have with the article is you failed to mention the positive aspects of being in a Greek organization. It has been proven that members of these organizations have, on average, better GPAs, are more active in community service, are involved on campus more, and develop better social skills. And while social activities are a big part of the Greek experience, the other parts mean more to me and probably 90 percent of the other Greeks you and the other press like to bash so much.

Brent Ray, senior, Troy State U., Ala.

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