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ot even La Niña could cool off the hot bods in this year's "1999 Women of UM Swimsuit Calendar." The calendar, which sells for $11.95 at bookstores around South Florida, lets you study a different female U. of Miami student for every month of the year.

Besides the obvious perks, what motivated U. of Miami seniors J.P. DiMisa, David Osterweil and Evan Newman to dive into the calendar biz? They say they wanted to reflect the "diversity, academic talent and fun-loving spirit" of U. of Miami students. And that's not all they're reflecting. Lucky for us, but what's in it for the models?

Cover girl Brienne de Sorbo, a freshman, is hoping the experience will get her more than just a few dates. "Hopefully modeling will be a segue to an acting career," she says.

Look out, Pamela Anderson Lee.

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