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From wacky college stories to celebrity interviews, these are our favorite U. articles of all time.
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    Keri On Campus
    TV's hottest freshman, Keri Russell, talks about her first season on the WB's hit show "Felicity." And she answers viewers' biggest question: will Felicity lose her virginity?

    Can You Be Gay And Greek?
    Gay students talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of being gay and Greek.

    Night Moves
    Our picks for the top five date movies and make-out CDs.
    The Goo Goo Dolls, Garbage and Live are coming to campus. Fiona Apple, STP, Counting Crows and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

    Next Friday, Sleepy Hollow, The Green Mileand Any Given Sunday.

    Students do the darndest things. So we've rounded up a few of them for your reading.

    Puff Daddy
    Cigar lover/author keeps puffing at U. of Missouri, Columbia.

    Student of the Century
    U. of Southwestern Louisiana student is 100 years old and still in school.
    Porn and Profs
    College profs get down with porn stars at the World Pornography Conference.

    Miami Vixens
    A splashing success: "1999 Women of UM Swimsuit Calendar."

    Cool U.
    Find out why students love Faulkner U., Ala.

    The Buzz.

    Professor Wizard, A computer that can grade essays? Don't laugh, it may be coming to your school soon.
    The weird and wacky stuff on campus.