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More on Urban Legends
Here's an urban legend [Urban Legends, Fall 1998] that I've heard more than once: My friend was, sitting in his science class learning about how cells work. So the professor distributes toothpicks to each student and asks them to rub the toothpick on the inside of their cheeks and asks them to view the cheek cells underneath the microscope. The professor draws what the cell should look like on the blackboard. One girl in the class raises her hand and tells the professor that her cells don't look exactly like the diagram. The professor asks her to look again and explains the different variations of a cheek cell. She looks again, and still it seems to look much different. The frustrated professor comes over for a look himself. Astonished, he says, "My God, these are sperms cells!" The girl storms out of the classroom with embarrassment.

Interestingly enough, both times I've been told this story, it was said to have really occurred at SUNY Stonybrook.

Todd Cohen, junior, Hofstra U.

Hard Times
Referring to the Asian economic crisis [Currency Crisis, Fall 1998], being a transfer student from Malaysia, I am also affected by the depreciation of my country's currency. Given the current exchange rate, many students like me have to pay twice the price in order to attend college.

At my college, some of my fellow Malaysians have had to consider all of the avenues available in order to survive. A few of them have taken up student custodial positions in the dorms to reduce the financial burden, another is pursuing off-campus employment to pay off student loans. And then there are others like me who have to work as many hours of part-time jobs as possible – while maintaining a substantial number of credit hours each semester – just to sustain myself. A few friends of mine were forced to pack up their things and return home.

S. Vigneswar, junior, U. of Montana, Missoula

No Love For U.
Editor's note: Check out Clayton's first letter to the editor, in which he calls the U. staff "mildly retarded" and says that we should "go live in a cave in Northern Canada," on U.online.

To be honest, I am positively amazed that you would consider my letter for publication in U. Magazine. At first, I thought the e-mail I received from you [asking for permission to print my letter] to be a standard one, sent to flatter and ultimately pacify those who think that U. Magazine is in need of abolition. I now think that perhaps you honestly would like to include my letter, in hopes that it could consolidate the outcries of others who feel as I do. And with that spirit of democratic opinion in mind, I would be more than happy to support my letter's publication. In fact, I thank you for the consideration. Indeed, the struggle is the glory.

Clayton Peter Sturges, junior, U. of Iowa

AliceEditor's Note: Go Ask Alice
The U. interview with Ann B. Davis [Fall 1998/still available on U.online], that lovable maid from "The Brady Bunch," turned out to be a real potboiler. E!Online, TV Guide Online and several other media outlets quoted U. Magazine's story which revealed that Ann tried smoking pot.

All About U.
U. Magazine is the only national college publication that is written for students by students. In this issue, more than TK students from TK colleges contributed stories, quotes, letters, photos and illustrations. If you would like more info on how to contribute to U. or how to get a one-year PAID internship at U., check out the "About U." and "Job Opportunites" sections of our web site (www.colleges.com/Umagazine) or contact us. E-mail: editor@colleges.com. Snail mail: Editor, U. Magazine, 5355 Mira Sorrento Place, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121-3805. Fax: 858.597.7480.

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