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When we here at U. Magazine started getting press releases on a daily basis from new web sites geared to us college students, we weren't sure which ones were worth telling you about and which ones were just corporate America's way of getting us to fork over more cash. So we decided to check 'em out to find out which sites were worth bookmarking. We wnet to students all around the country to help us root out and judge the best sites. The criteria? We won't give you our secret ranking formula, but we will say that the sites had to be useful to college students and specifically geared to students. And even though we may spend more time downloading MP3s and searching for stuff on Yahoo than doing our homework, we didn't include sites like that because they aren't college specific. So, here, after hours of clicking, clicking and more clicking is our first annual list of the top 100 web sites for college students. Of course, we admit that we may have missed your fave, and if we did, tell us about it at editor@umagazine.com and maybe we'll include it in next year's list.

  • Cliffs Notes Homepage
    Have a paper due tomorrow, but haven't read the book? Download from more than 230 titles of Cliffs Notes. "Where was this web site when I needed it my first two years in college?!" - Doug Kocher, U. of Cincinnati

  • Spark Notes
    Look out, Cliffs Notes. You've got some new competition. Plot summaries,

    character analyses and more - all written by Harvard U. students.

  • Study 24-7
    Look for lecture notes from schools around the country or become a lecture notetaker yourself.

  • Versity
    When you just can't make it to class, log on to this site for lecture notes and info on thousands of topics, or check out notes from some of the most respected courses in the nation.

  • StudentU.com
    Find out which lecture notes from your campus are available and see how students rate them.


  • CollegeStudent
    No gimmicks here--the site looks like a college-oriented search engine. But don't let that fool you . . . the site offers info on finance, sex and love, housing and jobs that is both insightful and useful. -

  • MyBytes
    The graphics are great, the site is easy to navigate and the links include everything from career help and resume tips to sports and music. It's all you need in one compact site.

  • The Inside Guide
    With about 50 colleges on its roster so far, this 100% student-driven site which launched in July 1999 lets you express your viewpoint on everything from your school's professors and politics to music and the local nightclub scene.

  • Campus Station
    "Get the inside scoop on classes and grading. Want to know if your professor gives a lot of A's? This is the site." - Kirstin Pesola, Loyola Marymount U.


  • CollegeClub
    Click here for discounts, auctions, personals and a real feel for the college community. "This site has categories that aren't offered at other college sites, like religion, technology, politics and a gay and lesbian link." - Kirstin Pesola, Loyola Marymount U.

  • College 411
    Get the 411 on everything from academics to drinking games.

  • Student Advantage
    Discounts from local merchants and stories from campus papers around the nation.

  • Main Campus
    Read articles about all aspects of campus life, then check out the student auction page.

  • Power Students
    See what other students have to say about campus life, sex, entertainment, academics and more. Or say it yourself by contributing to this student-written site.


  • Colleges.com
    A game engine that lets you win prizes just for studying your textbooks. Travel center, career center and a reference desk with links to more than 700 college libraries and newspapers nationwide.

  • The Greek Pages
    Greeks will love this collection of fraternity and sorority homepages from more than 800 college campuses.

  • 12000 Papers
    Students in a crunch to turn in term papers will find oodles of research reports divided by subject area that can be downloaded at the very last minute to "aid" in the writing process. "This site is a good reference point for ideas for papers." - Doug Kocher, U. of Cincinnati

  • Academic Research Group

    Their catalog of research reports contains 18,000 entries - a much wider selection than most sites selling downloadable papers - at a flat rate of $6.95 per page. They also perform custom research

  • Planet Papers
    This site offers a fairly wide selection of topics, and "they also accept 'donations' if you want to give them any of your top-notch essays to peddle." - Kelly Murcoh-Kitt, Wake Forest U.

  • School Sucks
    "Buy stock essays for $19.95, have them compile a personalized one for you or use the paper editing service to perfect your own, original papers." - Kelly Murcoh-Kitt, Wake Forest U.

  • CyberEdit
    Use this site to edit and write cover letters, resumes, term papers and admissions essays. Will soon offer a translation service to convert papers into other languages. Prices vary from $20.00 to several hundred dollars. "They have many examples of essays and how their editing service would work to improve them." - Kelly Murcoh-Kitt, Wake Forest U.

  • My Essay
    Check out workshops and tips to help you write those essays for grad school applications. You can also get e-mail reminders about important test and application deadlines and newly-released essay questions, for a price, of course.

  • College Gate
    Fill out their comprehensive client questionnaire, and let them help you write or rewrite your essays using the answers and personal information you have supplied. One thing though - it's pricey.

  • #1 Free Stuff
    Forget about discounts, we're talking FREE! Find out who's giving away soap, toothpaste, even lingerie.

  • Memolink
    This site gives out points for cash, coupons, certificates and free long distance just for clicking on web sites.

  • The Student Saver
    Save money, win free stuff. What could be better?

  • eCollege Bid
    thinking about transferring schools? Now, you can make a bid as to how much money you're willing to pay per academic year and see if a college will accept the bid.

  • National Day of Silence Project
    "This is a great way for people to have a visible, intensely moving event on campus that really gets a message across. This site has all the basics of how to get Day of Silence to work on your campus." - Alexei Othenin-Girard, U. of California, Berkeley

  • National Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Student Caucus
    Lots of really good links and contact info for gay students.

  • !OutProud!, National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth
    Tons of info, message boards, school resources, links and more for queer youth.

  • Programs in Gender and Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Studies at Universities in the U.S. & Canada
    Links to college sites that address LGBT issues.

  • NCAA
    Get the latest sports scores and updates from college campuses all over the country.

  • FANSonly
    The premier site for chat about college sports.

  • Campus Monster
    Buy or trade tickets for colleges sporting events.

  • College Sports News
    All college sports news all the time.

  • Total College Sports Network
    Get stats, scores, conference info and team merchandise.

  • Kaplan
    "The authority for grad-school research. Provides a roadmap for the entire application process." - Oswaldo Rossi, U. of Miami

  • Peterson's
    "Get the 411 on all aspects of grad school from national ranking to financial aid issues." - Oswaldo Rossi, U. of Miami

  • 4 Graduate Schools
    The one-stop site to grad school that answers all the questions an applicant can conceive. Easy to navigate, and maintained for the sole benefit of the student."

  • Med Students
    The perfect starting point for the future M.D.

  • Studentcity.com
    Don't just dream about your spring vacation, go ahead and book it on this site.

  • 4 Spring Break
    This site offers information about favorite vacation locales, as well as tips on how to find the best price on travel and accomodation. Chat rooms and travel tips are also available.

  • College Tours
    This site describes and details spring break trips to places like Cancun and Acapulco. It also provides links to make planning the trip that much easier.

  • Council Travel
    Excellent student travel resource offering reduced airfares, rail passes and accommodations. Students can also purchase International Student ID cards and travel equipment from the site. Also includes special sections for "easy vacations," studying abroad and working abroad.

  • Surf and Sun Tours
    If you're looking for a spring break getaway, visit here for all-inclusive package deals.

  • JobWeb
    "This sight provides the prospective employer with your updated profile, while offering an array of opportunities at the click of a mouse." - Oswaldo Rossi, U. of Miami

  • 4Work
    Very user-friendly sight with a 'keyword' search option taking the grunt out of job searching.

  • CollegeHire
    Easy to navigate, student-friendly sight that does the job. -

  • CoolWorks
    The perfect sight for those searching any seasonal employment from the Black Diamond runs in the West to the junior campsites of the Carolinas.

  • Campus Career Center
    This sight provides message boards domestically and abroad, allowing the applicants profile a greater reach and visibility.

  • Bridgepath
    "This comprehensive site assumes that you are starting the job process with no prior knowledge, which is very helpful." - Danielle Firetag, U. of Maryland

  • The Job Resource
    Post your resume, search for jobs by region or category or be linked to other useful career sites.

  • Campus Career Center
    Its like attending a job fair - only better.

  • Start-up
    Prospective entrepenuers should check out this site before going into business.

  • CyberMoola
    With one of these pre-paid Internet cash cards, you can shop online without worrying about spending more than you can pay for. "Finally a site that makes sense." - David M. Konopka, Syracuse U.

  • OnCampus
    Rebate site where it pays to be a shopaholic.

  • Student Market
    Shop 'til you drop for dorm furniture, pagers and magazine subscriptions in this online catalog.

  • Edu.com
    E-commerce site gives college students the best-in-market value on products from brand name companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Citibank and Sony so students can make smart purchasing decisions. "The discounts are deep the advice is solid and it's all strictly for students." - David M. Konopka, Syracuse U.

  • Student Planet
    A new website of a satirical news magazine for college students. The site also serves as an info source about free goodies and ways to earn cash and to make students laugh out loud.

  • The Onion
    All the news you won't find in your campus paper. You'll bust a gut reading this newspaper parody.

  • Buddha.com
    Chuckle at this ongoing web-parody about a no-talent college rock band. "Hey it's those guys with beards that smell bad and live in communes just off-campus, I know them. This site takes mocking Phish to a whole new level." - David M. Konopka, Syracuse U.

  • Campus Safety
    Curious about how much crime there is on your campus? Take a look at any of 500 college campuses' current crime stats. There's also a list of services for victims of campus crimes.

  • Student Auction
    Buy or sell stuff to the highest bidder at your school or at other schools around the nation. A new site, this auction will be even better once more students know about it.

  • Scholarship Resource Network Express
    This search engine database of private scholarships produces a huge list of potential scholarships instantly, and it's free.

  • Financial Aid Search Throughout the Web
    This site offers a free scholarship search along with other resources for college students, from application advice to online textbook company links.

  • 2001 Colleges and Scholarships
    Students who are still in the application stage will probably get the most out of this site, but the links to free scholarship searches are great for everyone.

  • FinAid
    "The calculator feature on this site is a great tool for figuring out exactly how much you will need in scholarships." - Bridget Coila, U. of Cincinnati

  • Federal Government Grants and Loans
    See this site before you go wait in line at the financial aid office. This site will answer most of your questions and you can even apply for financial aid online. - Bridget Coila, U. of Cincinnati

  • Chela Financial
    This is financial aid 101 for all of us who don't know anything about financial aid or getting a loan - simple to understand, and thorough.

  • Sallie Mae Foundation
    You can actually process loans on this site, which has areas for transfer students, new students and parents.

  • Nellie Mae Foundation
    Pre-qualifies you for a student loan in 10 minutes and recommends a loan suited to your needs. You can also check on the status of a loan.

  • The College Board
    Mostly geared to the pre-college crowd, this site does give you up-to-date news on things affecting your college finances, like tuition increases.

  • The Dorm Store
    The 2K way of furnishing a dorm room. From storage stuff to inflatable sofas and bedding, this site has it all. Free shipping on all items. One drawback: the site's a little costly, but convenience is expensive! "This is an extremely useful page for freshmen." - Kameron Flynn, Northwestern U.

  • UDorm
    Started by five students from Stanford U., UC Berkeley, Pomona and Wellesley, this site offers funky furniture and accessories for the ultimate dorm experience.

  • MyFF Company
    Come here for beanbag chairs, lava lamps, posters and all your dorm-decorating needs.

  • College Dining
    When your tummy's growling and you need some grub, check out this site for local restaurants, easy recipes and your school's cafeteria offerings. This site launched recently so it isn't very robust yet, but should be soon.

  • Bigwords Inc.
    Shipping is free when you buy new or used textbooks. "A sleek look, a low-price guarantee against other online textbook sellers, and free shipping for orders $35 and up make this my favorite online textbook retailer." - Matt Sedensky, New York U.

  • Ecampus.com
    online textbook seller
    Home to three million items, ecampus.com is definitely worth a visit

  • VarsityBooks.com
    Find out if a textbook is in stock by looking up your classes at more than 200 colleges. Search by your school, pay a flat $4.95 shipping rate, and get your books in a guaranteed one to three business days.

  • Textbooks.com
    Even hard-to-find and out-of-print books are available from this seller of new and used textbooks, plus there's a book buyback feature so you may be able to dump those clunky books once you're done with them.

  • eFollett.com
    They have the required reading lists for classes from hundreds of colleges so you can look up your textbooks by school and class.

  • VivaSmart.com
    "This site is excellent! It's the perfect resource for the college student who isn't sure where to turn for online textbook shopping. Return and bookmark!" - Matt Sedensky, New York U.

  • Virtual Dorm
    Wires college students from all over the world together online where they interact with each other and the outside world

  • Webdormers
    Finally, find out what college students really do all day long. You may be surprised.

  • Here and Now
    A 24/7 live Internet video broadcast of real students.

  • The Institute of International Education
    Anyone considering a year of study in another country should check out this list of resources.

  • Pro Net
    "Wanna turn the tables and give your profs a grade? Rate your teachers or read ratings from fellow students. The comment box allows more room to elaborate on how stellar or sucky the professor is." - Terry Tang, UCLA

  • Teacher Ratings
    "Anonymous prof reviews are broken down into cut-and-dried ratings of 1 to 5 for friendliness, difficulty and over-all quality. To counteract any vengeful students, the site automatically rejects any libelous remarks." - Terry Tang, UCLA

  • Heat Collegiate Internet Gaming League
    Play Quake 2 with student teams at more than 500 colleges for a chance to win up to $30,000 in cash and prizes, plus a $5,000 scholarship - just for playing video games.

  • Back to School Now
    When you just don't feel like hitting the student store for all those notebooks and pens, go to this virtual store of school supplies.

  • Office Max
    If you're looking for discounts on school supplies, this site lists occasional special deals only listed on the site.

  • High School Alumni
    Sure, your college buds are cool, but do you ever wish you could find that high school friend you lost touch with? Users register under their high school's page and year of graduation, making it easy for fellow graduates to find each other.

  • Ruminations on College Life
    A funny look at life as a college student, this site can keep anyone laughing for hours. Run by Aaron Karo, a junior at the U. of Pennsylvania, Ruminations is his monthly e-newsletter which is now sent to over 10,000 people. [See related article.]

  • Protest Net
    If you're all fired up about a cause, check out this listing of protest events nationwide created by Hampshire College junior Evan Henshaw-Plath.

  • The Daily Jolt
    Two Amherst U. students give the real low-down on all the news that didn't fit in the regular campus paper, like everything from classes to cafeteria reviews.

  • The Twinkies Project
    www.twinkiesproject.com.V The best site on the Internet is the Twinkies Project about Rice U.'s experiments using Twinkies. This is not my opinion, it is a fact. It is completely and totally undeniable and his been scientifically proven several times. - Anonymous

  • The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
    A computerized version of the "Kevin Bacon Game," this Web site is hosted by the computer science dept. at the U. of Virginia. Users type in an actor's name and in seconds a link between that person and Kevin Bacon is made. It's fast, unstumpable and a great way to procrastinate writing a paper.

  • U-Wire
    Get the top stories from campus newspapers from around the country.

  • College Press NetworkBR> www.cpnet.com
    Get college news updates from coast to coast.

  • U.online
    Hey, a little self-promotion never hurt anyone, but seriously, U.online features all student-produced content, including an online version of the magazine, a student advice column where you ask the questions and you give the responses, a college trivia game, entertainment on campus and more. And U.online pays students to write for the site.

Special thanks go to all the students who helped us nominate and judge the sites, including Doug Kocher, U. of Cincinnati; Kirstin Pesola, Loyola Marymount U.; Kelly Murcoh-Kitt, Wake Forest U.; Alexei Othenin-Girard, U. of California, Berkeley; Oswaldo Rossi, U. of Miami; Danielle Firetag, U. of Maryland; David M. Konopka, Syracuse U.; Bridget Coila, U. of Cincinnati; Kameron Flynn, Northwestern U.; Matt Sedensky, New York U.; Terry Tang, UCLA.

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