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  1. It's Friday night and you've got a final exam on Tuesday. You:
    1. head out for a rager of a weekend road trip. Hey, you can pull an all-nighter on Monday.
    2. stay home and start a weekend cramfest.
    3. go to a movie with your buds but come home early enough to figure out your study strategy for the weekend.

  2. You're down to your last pair of clean undies. You:
    1. don't sweat it. You'll just dig through the dirty pile tomorrow.
    2. decide to skip going to the comedy club tonight and do laundry instead.
    3. wash a couple pair in the sink and make plans to hit the laundry room on the weekend.

  3. You get a bill in the mail for your credit card, which has a $50 balance. You'd be most likely to:
    1. put the bill in a pile of stuff on your desk and never see it again.
    2. write out a check for the entire balance immediately and pop it in the mail.
    3. put it in a to-do pile and wait to pay it until a couple days before the due date.

  4. You're considering joining a house in the Greek system. At rush parties, you'd be most likely to:
    1. head straight for the keg then stand around waiting for someone to come talk to you.
    2. make sure to meet every single person there and tell them why they have to make you a pledge.
    3. introduce yourself to some key members and find out more about the house and their activities.<

  5. You're going to a study session with some classmates and you're in charge of munchies, so you:
    1. stock up on M&Ms, barbecue potato chips and a 12-pack of Jolt.
    2. pack a bag with a few carrot sticks, fat-free rice cakes and some bottled water.
    3. bring a bag of baked tortilla chips and salsa and a pint of Ben & Jerry's low-fat ice cream.

  6. Your English prof gives you an assignment that requires you to do research on the Web on Shakespeare's love life. You:
    1. go to Mr. Showbiz (www.mrshowbiz.com) and look at the pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow accepting her Oscar for Shakespeare in Love.
    2. log on to a search engine, type in Shakespeare and print out every single page you find with the word Shakespeare in it.
    3. do an advanced search for "Shakespeare and love" and bookmark a few sites that relate directly to your research topic.

  7. You come home to your dorm only to discover that your roomie has borrowed your bike without asking. You would most likely:
    1. blow it off. It's not worth getting into a fight about it.
    2. fire off a list of "Roomie Do's and Don'ts," including "Never take my bike without asking" and then tape it to their computer screen.
    3. Wait 'til your roomie gets back and explain that you'd prefer that they ask you before borrowing something.

  8. There's someone in your History class that you think is really hot. You're most likely to:
    1. keep looking at your crush from the back of the room, hoping they'll notice you.
    2. wait until the end of class, then pounce on them as they're walking out the door and say, "Hi, how about getting together sometime?"
    3. sit behind them at the next class and ask them if you can take a look at their notes or if they're going to the study session on Thursday.

  9. You've always wanted to get into the movie biz and you get chosen to do an internship with a production company, but you won't get paid. You:
    1. say no thanks. Why should you work for free?
    2. spend every free hour at the company and skip studying and hanging out with your friends so you can learn everything about the industry.
    3. work out a schedule to work just a few hours a day with the company so it doesn't interfere with studying or your dating life.

  10. You get your term paper back from your prof and your grade is a C+. You think you deserved a better grade. You:
    1. feel like maybe you're not good enough to be in college and drop the class.
    2. bad-mouth your prof to anyone who'll listen and report them to the administration for giving out unfair grades.
    3. call your prof and set up an appointment during office hours to go over your paper and ask if it's possible to do a rewrite for a better grade.

A. Slacker Time: If you answered a to most questions, you are in need of some serious schooling on what it takes to make it in college. "With your slacker attitude, you'll be lucky to make it through your first semester without flunking out or going into serious debt," says Monica Cyrino, the director of undergraduate studies in the department of foreign languages & literatures at the U. of New Mexico. To get the most out of college, you've got to put something into it.

B. Too Uptight: If you answered b to most questions, you're putting so much pressure on yourself that you risk burning out … fast. Lighten up a little and try to have some fun in between all that studying, interning and networking "Remember that college is a time for you to develop social skills as well as academic and career skills," Cyrino says.

C. Balancing Act: If you answered c to most questions, you've got what it takes to make the most of your college experience. You know that college is hard work and that you've got to take it seriously, but you also know that you've gotta let loose once in a while. Cyrino says, "You're on your way to acing your college career."

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