nce upon a time, long, long ago (10 years ago, to be exact), a little bundle of joy showed up on college campuses across the country. The newborn's name? U. The National College Newspaper.
Over the years, that little newspaper, which originally reprinted top stories from campus publications, has grown into a magazine chock full of irreverant original content and news that really matters to students. In 1995, the magazine spawned a Web site ( that features even more fresh information and, this year, a U. TV show will make its debut. We've come a long way, baby – and we can't wait to see what the next decade will bring.

College life is a paradox – the same as it ever was, but constantly changing. U.'s been there for all of it, thanks to the hundreds of student writers, photographers and illustrators who've contributed to our pages. That's right, U. is written for students, by students. And that's one thing that will never change.

So take a load off and join us as we take a look back at the people, news, trends, opinions, antics and more that have shaped college life over the last 10 years. Trust us – this is one history lesson worth learning. And you don't even have to take notes. (Unless, of course, you really want to.)

Trends come and go – that's why they're called trends. Remember these?

A quick look at hot 'n' heavy sex trends throughout the decade.

A peek into the seedier world of the college drug culture.

Anyone who thinks students are apathetic never met these Guiness Book of World Records go-getters.

If it's happening on campus, you'll read about it right here. From national news that affects students everywhere to spot news from the nation's campuses, U. has covered it all. Just take a look at some of the news stories that made headlines in U.

There are millions of college students but only a few who make it onto the pages of U. Meet some of the students we've featured.