Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf

He's angry, he's drunk and he was recently voted "The Most Beautiful Person" on People magazine's Web site. But there's more to this 4-foot-1-inch eccentric who found fame and notoriety on Howard Stern's radio show. A self-proclaimed "radical," the 36-year old Hank says he voted for himself in the 1996 presidential election. And when he's not pounding drafts at his favorite neighborhood watering hole, he's entertaining people with guest appearances at bars and bachelor parties. So we invite you to step inside Hank's tavern - where the politically incorrect discussion ranges from pot to Paul McCartney, manners are tossed out the window, and there's never a last call.

On the VW Beetle: "I haven't seen it, but I have seen Paul McCartney."

On college sports: "I don't watch college sports because I'm too busy drinking."

On Chris Tucker: "Never heard of him."

On the stock market: "Screw the stock market. I could care less about the stock market."

On nudity: "I've seen plenty of women naked."

On the Asian currency crisis: "Why should I feel sorry for these Asians? I always got treated like dirt at Chinese restaurants."

On marijuana: "Say somebody at the bar smokes a joint with me, I'll buy em' a drink."

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