The doctor is in. Dr. Drew Pinsky, that is, of MTV's Loveline fame, and co-author of The Dr. Drew and Adam Book. But don't let his sex talk fool you. Even though he makes a living solving sexual crises and dealing the dirt on messy relationships, the 40-year-old doc says he is the "most conservative, pathetic person you're going to talk to." Check out his opinion on porn and pick-up lines. Then read the uncensored interview with Dr. Drew.

On pornography:
It's not a healthy thing.

On favorite romantic movies:
I have not seen a movie on my own without my kids for quite some time. So really it would be between The Parent Trap and Lady and the Tramp.

On favorite condom colors:
Skin. I'm not a very exciting person.

On pick-up lines:
I met my wife at a bar, and I told her she looked like a friend of mine who worked for a modeling agency. She blew me off and practically punched me.

On sex and pot:
Biologically, it's counterproductive, it's a suppressant of sexual activity. So ultimately it works against you. There are more therapeutic ways of approaching that than taking illicit drugs.