or lessons in the ultimate pick-up lines, you can always count on "Three's Company" reruns. Watch Larry Dallas slither up to some fox at the Regal Beagle – gold chains caught in his chest hair – and whip out something that will make her swoon: "Baby, you have more legs than a bucket of chicken."

Okay, maybe not. But tools for a successful single life are really quite simple: charm, personality, a sense of humor ... and killer pick-up lines.

Face it. He or she walks by and you've only got seconds to come up with the magic words to land that hottie. Andy Kohen, a junior at California State U., Northridge, actually got lucky with his pick-up line. He asked one girl, "Do you have any Persian in you?" When she said no, he asked, "Would you like some?" Kohen says the girl found the line amusing, and they spent the rest of the night laughing, talking and, ahem, getting to know each other.

See if you can, ahem, get to know a few babes using our list of cheesy one-line wonders.

By Jessica Yadegaran, San Diego State U./ Photo by Shannon Fagan, U. of Memphis