We here at U. Magazine are a pretty nosy bunch, and we were dying to know everything about your sex life. So, we surveyed 288 students (44% male, 56% female; 34% freshmen, 26% sophomores, 26% juniors, 36% seniors) from colleges all around the nation and asked them all kinds of embarrassing, personal questions about their sex lives and guess what? They actually answered us. Here are the results of the first annual U. Magazine College Sex Survey. If you'd like to take a peek at the data in the raw, check out the sex survey results on U.online at www.umagazine.com.

The Age of Innocence
When it came to giving it up, most of you got busy for the first time at age 17 (21%) or 18 (22%). Only 7% of you did the nasty before you turned 15 and only 8% waited until you were 20 or older. 29% of you are virgins who are still waiting for that magical moment.

Defining Terms
Just what do you consider "sex?" 32% of you agree with the President that "sex" means "intercourse only." 30% of you inlcude oral sex and 20% of you also put manual activities in your definition of sex.

Howdy, Partner
Looks like the race to have the most sexual conquests only concerns 21% of you who said you had 10 or more sexual partners. 64% of you had four or fewer partners.

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
According to the numbers, students aren't gettin' jiggy as often as they'd like. Only 19% report gettin' some more than three times a week and 39% only see action up to three times a month.

10 Percent Rule
Even though only 4% said they considered themselves gay or bisexual, 6% said that they had engaged in sexual activity with a partner of the same sex.

The More the Merrier
More than three-fourths (76%) of students think college students today have more sex than college students 10 years ago.

Your Cheatin' Heart
Nearly one-third (30%) of you admitted to cheating on a partner while almost the same number (29%) have found out that your partner cheated on you.

Fear and Loathing
Even with all the hype about HIV and AIDS, more students (40%) are freaked out about the possibility of pregnancy than about contracting HIV (28%). 20% are most spooked about getting an STD (not HIV) while 3% of you are equally scared of all of these.

Are You Out of Control?
Of those of you who are sexually active, 74% claim to use some form of birth control every time you have an encounter. Only 6% of you never use birth control.

To Protect and Serve
Looks like all those messages about the dangers of having unprotected sex have yet to reach about half of you. Only a narrow majority (54%) of students said they use condoms when they have sex.

Celeb Sex
The female celebrities you'd most like to get busy with are Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Love Hewitt (tied at 16%). And the male stars who really do it for you are Matt Damon (23%) and Ben Affleck (18%). A few surprises: Ben Stiller (5%) scored higher than Vince Vaughn (3%) and Monica Lewinsky sucked in more votes than volley-dolly Gabrielle Reese (2%). Go figure.

What's the weirdest place you've had sex?
• in a baseball dugout
• at the post office
• in the wave pool at a water park
• in the back room at Blockbuster Video

What is your most embarrassing sexual moment?
• "I threw up on my partner."
• "I realized that the "he" I met in a bar wasn't a "he."

Are you in a monogamous relationship?
yes: 59%
no: 41%

Have you ever had sex with more than one partner at a time?
yes: 7%
no: 93%

Have you ever had a one-night stand?
yes: 43%
no: 57%

Have you ever done it with a roomie in the room?
yes: 25%
no: 75%

Have you ever been caught in the act?
yes: 42%
no: 58%

Have you ever hooked up with a prof?
yes: 2%
no: 98%

Have you ever gotten an STD?
yes: 3%
no: 97%