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“I'm not sure if there are aliens or not, but if I see them, I hope they're fully clothed. Unless they're very good-looking.”
Will Kiser, Junior
Sanders pic
“I know for a fact that aliens exist because I've been in contact with some before.”
Scott Sanders, Senior
Pennington pic
“No - never had an encounter with one!”
Barrie Pennington, Sophomore

Pollyniak pic
I think that deep down inside, everybody believes in aliens. Haven't you ever seen the kid in ‘N Sync with the dred locks?
Ryan Pollyniak, Sophomore
Taluyo pic
I think it's possible that they're out there. It would be pretty naive to think we're the only intelligent beings in existence.
Aimie Taluyo, Senior

Yes. It would be a waste of space if the rest of the universe was lifeless. If the world's a stage, then who is the audience?
Fernando Avella, Senior
I don't actually believe, but I don't disbelieve either. It stands to reason that if life exists here, it could exist elsewhere. Until I see proof, all I'll say is that it's possible.
Nicole A. Gethers, Junior