John Panessa, a junior at the U. of Florida, is a man with a vision. "I see Bubble Furniture in the future," Panessa says. "I'd like to see Bubble Furniture in every college dorm room. I'd like to see it out there by every pool deck. I'd like to see it in every campsite. Houses full of Bubble Furniture – definitely."

All right, so his dream may be a little biased. But as inflatable furniture balloons in popularity, Panessa's prophetic words may be more than hot air. Panessa, along with older brothers Mike and Brian, and partners Jason Sanchez and Drew Gaudet, sells Bubble Furniture on-line at Their Web site averages 1,000 hits per month with the blue bubble couch ($65) being the hottest-selling item. And it's multi-purpose.

"I take my couch out and float right down the Ichetucknee River," Panessa says.

Panessa says he and his partners are merely riding the wave of the '70s revival – with a little help from some modern Internet technology, that is. "Bubble Furniture used to be a fad in the '70s," he says. "History is repeating itself. It's all coming back."

Bubble Furniture we can handle. But disco and bell bottoms, please stay put.

By Jessica Lyons, Assistant Editor/Photo courtesy of Panessa Enterprises