Seamus Griesbach gives a whole new meaning to the term "commuter student." Last fall, the St. Anselm College freshman commuted 140 miles to get to school – on foot!

"The idea just popped into my head," says Griesbach. "I had a free week before school and I didn't want to sit around home and stress. I knew I wasn't going to do anything productive. I thought it would be relaxing."

Relaxing? Griesbach insists it was. "But a little bit strenuous," he admits of the eight-day, seven-night hike from Lisbon Falls, Maine, to Manchester, N.H. He didn't walk alone, though – his 14-year-old brother, Leon, and his dog, Belle, helped him keep pace.

"We would aim to get to a town or residential area around 6 p.m., and we'd knock on people's doors and ask them if we could pitch a tent in their yard. Most people looked at us like we were crazy," says the pedestrian. We spent three nights in people's yards, two nights in baseball diamonds, one night in a playground and one night we managed to hit up a camp site."

But despite walking through thunderstorms and sustaining a few nasty blisters, Griesbach says the trip was worthwhile. In fact, he plans to enlist a few buddies and walk to school again next fall, this time for a cause.

"I'm trying to get pledge sheets and have people pledge per mile," he says. "I'm toying with the idea of having each walker pick their own cause. I'd love to see it take off as a national trend. It might catch on."

But don't sell your car just yet.

By Jessica Lyons, Assistant Editor/Photo courtesy of Seamus Griesbach.