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Too Much Sex
Your magazine [Feb. '99 Big Sex Issue] in today's Northern Star(Northern Illinois U.) is bothersome. Maybe it's because I'm 45 years old. Your cover all relates to sex – perhaps just good stories wouldn't attract readers? It's truly a garbage publication. Your stories don't help people become better persons.
Lauren Woods, civilian, DeKalb, Ill.

Gone Too Far
I never write magazines, but something disturbed me so much in your February '99 issue that I had to say something. Your magazine listed the top five date movies, among which was Gone with the Wind. A movie buff myself, I agree that this movie is a classic, but I was very upset with the way in which it was advocated in your publication. Don't you realize that the stair scene you are describing is a rape scene? In fact, it's one of Hollywood's ultimate "yes really means no" scenes. After the rape, Scarlett has a glow and grin on her face, indicating her enjoyment of the violence. The movie tells viewers that although she put up a fight, Scarlett really wanted it and was asking for it. Considering the significant problem of date rate on college campuses, I was appalled that your recommendation of this film would highlight a scene that sends such a message, especially in an article about romantic dating movies for college students. Although Gone with the Windis a product of its times, U. Magazine should now know better.
Stacy Thomas, grad student, U. of Texas, Austin

Who's Counting?
Just thought that you should know that Sugar Ray has three albums out now, not two as stated on page 20 of the February issue.
Heather Johnston, freshman, Shippensburg U.

I truly enjoy the on-line version of your magazine. Call me old-fashioned but I enjoyed even more being able to read your magazine during lunch. I look forward to each new issue. Quick question: Is there anyway I can get a copy of the calendar mentioned in the "Miami Vixens" article [Feb. '99]?
Victor Soto, freshman, U. of Michigan

Is there any way for us poor, cold, Colorado students to get our hands on the 1999 Women of UM Swimsuit Calendar?
William Edward Shappell III, grad student, U. of Colorado

To purchase the 1999 Women of UM Swimsuit Calendar, send a check for $14.95 (shipping and handling fee incl.) to: Trium Productions Group, Attn: Shipping Dept., 617 Zamora Ave., Coral Gables, FL 33134. Orders will be accepted until April 1, 1999. If you're interested in producing a calendar at your school, call Trium Productions Group at (305) 446-7654.

Get a Life
To all the students at West Virginia U. who e-mailed, faxed and phoned us to bust our chops for incorrectly calling their college the U. of West Virginia, rest assured that the entire edit staff has gotten 10 lashes each for their error. Ouch!