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U. PollsKristal Stanley, Freshman
I believe he was morally wrong, but the school can't be involved.

Tangier Clarke, Senior
His legal situation should be handled independently from his academic career.

Christina Madrid, Junior
I don't feel he should be punished for his friend's actions.

James Eby, Senior
No. He didn't break any school rules.

Melody Levine, Senior
I think it's sad that a public university can't condemn this behavior.

Sharon Lee, Senior
It is not the responsibility of the university, but he should have been held responsible for his neglect legally.

Wafa Faris, Senior
I would spit in that boy's face if I ever saw him. He gives our school a bad name.

Chris Maratas, Senior
I don't really think it's my business.

Salim Catrina, Senior
I wouldn't invite him for dinner, but the school doesn't have the right to kick him out. This vigilante group trying to kick him out – it's like a witchhunt.

George Nune, Sophomore
No, the law should have taken care of it.

Ray Cho, Sophomore
I have problems with him being here, however, Berkeley doesn't have the right to expel him."

Michael Hunter, Sophomore
I have a problem with his lack of action.

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