Web-celeb Tomiko Jones

Tomiko Jones is your ordinary U. of Pennsylvania senior except for one small detail: from jellybeans to VCRs, everything she needs she buys on-line.

Jones – along with Alanna Blanco at California State U., Chico, and Scott Raymond at the U. of Kansas – is one of three daring college students participating in Levi's e-commerce experiment. Armed with a $500 per week allowance (yep, that's right, 500 smackeroos per week!), these three Web-celebs are discovering if it's possible to browse, budget and buy everything they need for an entire semester on-line.

This virtual reality isn't half bad, says Tomiko. After only two weeks, she had bought some CDs, flowers for her mom, groceries, a VCR, and plenty of Levi's. And even though she shelled out $300 her first week, she's still looking for a cell phone and a spring break trip.

"I'm having a blast," Jones says. "You click on something on the Internet and it's delivered in two days. I'm getting used to that."

But what about those fast-food cravings during all-night study sessions? "At the beginning I thought I was going to be able to log on to a fast food site and have food delivered," she says. "I'm still waiting for ‘FeedTomiko.com'"

By Jessica Lyons, Assistant Editor

Want to see what the students are buying ? Go to www.levi.com. Stay tuned for their on-line show at 9 p.m. EST on Sundays for surprise drop-in celebrity guests.

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