Thank you for the article ["Can You Be Gay & Greek?," Feb. '99] which was courageous and fairly done. I was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha at the U. of Arizona, Tucson. And also active in the gay community here in San Diego. – Gary L. Vyne

Thank you for including the information you did about being Greek and gay. I am the alumnae advisor to my chapter at the College of William and Mary and am gay. I've always thought that the topic is an important one and should be researched. I will tell you that my national organization is very homophobic – heaven forbid if we get a reputation of being the lesbian sorority. It is a shame because there should be room for all. Please continue to air this topic as our collegiates and administrators need to be educated. – Marcie Wolfe

Thank you for your article by Jessica Lyons contributing to the increased understanding of gender issues. – Mary Gay Hutcherson

Thanks for considering the gay community and covering transgender issues. It is important to counterbalance the evil of homophobia. – Matt Ignoffo

Just a note of congratulations on a valuable treatment of gay and lesbian issues relating to fraternities and sororities. Keep up the good work! – Patrick Hogan

Miracle or Murder?
Just what are the odds that Preven ["Morning -After Miracle," Feb. ‘99] consistently prevents conception? So this is where we are – just take a few pills and you can conveniently murder your unborn child. What a miracle! After all, it's just "pregnancy tissue" or a "blob of protoplasm."

The only protected sex is sex within marriage, but many young people argue that this is old-fashioned and oppressive. Oh, really? Suffering from chlamydia, herpes or drug-resistant gonorrhea isn't oppressive? Dying of AIDS isn't oppressive? Killing innocent children isn't oppressive?

Obviously, pro-abortionists don't understand that women (and men) have perfect control over their bodies and destinies when they say "No" to adultery. Only when a child is conceived does the issue of "control" suddenly become a major concern.

And in the name of that ‘control" and "reproductive freedom," more than 35 million children have been cut to pieces, burned with salt, suctioned out or even pulled out of their mother's wombs and killed like laboratory frogs. (But of course, animals have rights but unborn children don't.)

We are repulsed by how the ancient Aztecs offered human sacrifices to their imaginary gods, but we sacrifice our children to the bloodthirsty gods of lust, convenience, and feminism. When a society measures its freedom by how many children it can dehumanize and exterminate, then that society is edging ever closer to pledging allegiance to a swastika-emblazoned flag. – Joseph Nadeau

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