When we here at U. Magazine started getting press releases on a daily basis from new web sites geared to us college students, we weren't sure which ones were worth telling you about and which ones were just corporate America's way of getting us to fork over more cash. So we decided to check 'em out to find out which sites were worth bookmarking. We wnet to students all around the country to help us root out and judge the best sites. The criteria? We won't give you our secret ranking formula, but we will say that the sites had to be useful to college students and specifically geared to students. And even though we may spend more time downloading MP3s and searching for stuff on Yahoo than doing our homework, we didn't include sites like that because they aren't college specific. So, here, after hours of clicking, clicking and more clicking is our first annual list of the top 100 web sites for college students. Of course, we admit that we may have missed your fave, and if we did, tell us about it at editor@umagazine.com and maybe we'll include it in next year's list.




Special thanks go to all the students who helped us nominate and judge the sites, including Doug Kocher, U. of Cincinnati; Kirstin Pesola, Loyola Marymount U.; Kelly Murcoh-Kitt, Wake Forest U.; Alexei Othenin-Girard, U. of California, Berkeley; Oswaldo Rossi, U. of Miami; Danielle Firetag, U. of Maryland; David M. Konopka, Syracuse U.; Bridget Coila, U. of Cincinnati; Kameron Flynn, Northwestern U.; Matt Sedensky, New York U.; Terry Tang, UCLA.

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