In each Issue, a U. reader gets to be a lab rat for one of those weird research projects.

Lab Rat: Eric Wade, senior, mechanical engineering major

College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Project: a study in amino acids and lysine

Length of Study: two eight-day periods

Pay: $610

Lab Rat Experience: "Each day, all I could eat was "the pink stuff" – which was a sort of amino acid drink – and carbohydrate cookies, all issued by the MIT Campus Research Committee. I was given fiber, Tums, and various other pills for nutrients. Each meal occurred at a prescribed time each day. At home, I was able to eat/drink decaffeinated, unsweetened tea or coffee, as well as chicken and beef bouillion cubes. This diet lasted for seven days. On the eighth day, I went to the lab and received a six-hour IV."

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