name: Matthew Kelley

college: Wesleyan U.

business: Founder and editor-in-chief of MAVIN, a print and online magazine ( targeted at college students from mixed-race backgrounds.

read all about it: The magazine explores the mixed-race experience through literature, interviews, in-depth articles, fashion layouts, informational resources and an interactive web site.

multi-media man: Matthew, who is of Korean and Caucasian descent, took a year off from school to start the magazine but is returning to Wesleyan this fall as a sophomore.

mixing it up: "Too often, discourse on the experiences of mixed race people is coming from the outside," says Matthew. "MAVIN is written by and for young mixed-race people."

get in the mix: If you're interested in contributing to MAVIN as a writer or photographer, or would like a subscription, e-mail MAVIN at or call toll-free at (877) 262-8262.

By Lori Lefevre, Boston College.

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