Say buh-bye to bare butts and boobs – a new policy is giving the boot to Princeton U.'s "Nude Olympics," an annual tradition when sophomores run butt nekkid through a campus courtyard at midnight on the day of the school year's first snowfall.

The au naturel event made headlines in January when a number of students were treated for alcohol poisoning and cited for sexual misconduct and other offenses following the rowdy affair. "It was unlike anything I'd ever seen," says Ryan Salvatore, a sophomore and spectator at last year's balls-out celebration.

But Princeton officials had seen it all before and finally opted to ban the bare-ass run, stating that anyone defying the rule will be stripped of their education in the form of a one-year suspension. "I believe we can no longer tolerate the risks that it has come to pose to our students. I am simply not willing to wait until a student dies before taking preventive action," says Princeton's president Harold Shapiro.

Ryan, who was considering shucking his skivvies and braving the possibility of shrinkage in this year's snow-laden event, doesn't think they're bluffing. "I definitely think it'll be enforced," he says of the suspension policy. Looks like students will have to just grin and, um, "bare" it.

By Matt Sedensky, New York U.

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