Should students be able to decide how their reg fees are spent?

It's our money and it seems fair that we should be able to choose where it goes.
Jennifer Joseph, junior

Even though other students might disagree, the school has to guarantee the freedom of speech to all and thus, use the reg fees as they see fit.
Hsiang Chang, sophomore

I'm all for freedom of speech and expression, but I don't think students should have to fund an organization they object to.
Brian Walsh, sophomore

Students should support the right to free speech even if they don't personally agree with the views of certain organizations.
Jodie DeSantis, junior

Students' ideas, beliefs and efforts should be what drives the agenda of the university. Using money to get what one wants is for alumni.
Kevin Preis, junior

Students should have control over not only their living arrangements and classes, but their money also.
Tamela Blalock, sophomore

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