Next Friday - Our favorite pothead is back and this time, Craig (Ice Cube) is forced to live with his relatives in the 'burbs. You can bet the quiet neighborhood is about to go up in smoke.

Man on the Moon - If you ever saw "Taxi" on Nick at Nite, then you know Andy Kaufman's crazy character, Latka. But this film shows us that the characters in Kaufman's real life were even crazier.

Sleepy Hollow - Who'd have thought that Ichabod Crane would be such a hottie? Yummy Johnny Depp brings the legend of the headless horseman to life in this creepy tale.

The Green Mile - Based on a Stephen King novella (can you name a film that isn't based on a Stephen King work?), this prison flick chronicles the surprising friendship between a former death row prison guard and an inmate.

Any Given Sunday - Are you ready for some football? Director Oliver Stone and players Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx sure hope so as they try to score with this gridiron drama.

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