U. surveyed 302 students to find the things you absolutely can't live without your first year in school. Here are their top picks, plus a few of our own. Do you have yours yet?

pack it in
Lugging your books, notebooks, latptop computer, checkbook, wallet, chapstick, gum, hairbrush, Kleenex and all the other stuff you absolutely can't live without around campus can be a real pain, literally. Strap on a heavy-duty backpack like the Jansport Cloud 9 ($99.95), which can handle even the thickest chem books.

play it again, sam
Spending hours in front of the TV with a joystick in your hand and a glazed look on your face – some people might call it a waste of time, we call it the perfect study break: Sony Playstation ($129).

buzz booster
When you've got to pull an all-nighter for that History final in the morning and you can't keep your eyes open, drag your tired butt to the nearest Starbucks for a good jolt of caffeine. Didn't anyone tell you? In college, coffee is considered one of the four major food groups, and when you add milk, like in this caffe latte, it's practically a meal.

wheel deal
Why bother trying to drive to campus when all you get for the effort is a windshield decorated with parking tickets and sneers from your profs when you show up 20 minutes late because it took you so long just to find an illegal place to park? Two-wheelers like this Eddie Bauer Comp ($550) from Giant are the only way to go.

mac daddy
With its sleek, space-age good looks, the iMac ($1,299) is a fashionable addition to any dorm room. It's practical, too. Just one click and you're transported from your desk to the Internet. And in five delicious new flavors – tangerine, lime, grape, blueberry and cherry – all we can say is yum.

it's a print!
The stylin' Epson Stylus Color 740I ink jet printer ($279) is the ideal match for your iMac because it comes in matching blueberry, or you can outfit it with a cover in any fruity iMac color.

college sweatshirt
When you've gotta be comfy for those late-night cram sessions, there's only one thing to reach for – that cozy, oversized college sweatshirt (UCLA sweatshirt $48). The oversized factor is also a real favorite with all those students who are trying to hide the fact that they've fallen victim to the nasty Freshman 15.

take note
We all know you can't survive school without notebooks, but who says you have to settle for those boring binders? Picture this instead – the Picture View Binder from Avery (under $10) is a three-ring binder with clear plastic pockets on the cover so you can display photos, notes and reminders.

plastic you gotta have

other must-haves:
alarm clock, flip-flops, condoms, mini-fridge, surge protector, shower caddy, fan, microwave, headphones, caffeinated cola, ramen, dictionary, bathrobe, cards, cellular phone, highlighters, dice, batteries, pager, quarters.

foot savers
You never know what kind of gunk you'll find in those dorm showers, so be sure to wear some fun flip-flops like these from J. Crew.

watch out
Got time to stop at the campus coffeehouse before heading to class? You won't know unless you've got a TKTK watch from Fossil.

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