Will your English 101 class include hotties like these?

Tatyana Ali: Harvard U.
She grew up in front of the camera on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and even though we rarely saw her studying on TV, Tatyana Ali must have been doing it to have been accepted at Harvard. And while most students get summer jobs flipping burgers, Ali is taking time off from her freshman year to tour with 'N Sync to promote her new album, Kiss The Sky.

Claire Danes: Yale U.
When mod squader Claire Danes isn't living the so-called life of a movie star, she's hitting the books at Yale where she shares a dorm room like most freshmen. This Ivy Leaguer is so serious about acing college, she won't work on any movies while school's in session.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Columbia U.
Earlier this spring, you saw Gyllenhaal rocket to big-screen stardom in October Sky. And capturing a starring role in that flick was a real learning experience for this freshman. "I thought I learned more than I ever had when making the film," he says. "But then, after my first semester of school, I realized I've learned more than ever before in my first year at Columbia."

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