We asked 721 students to rate their college cafeterias, and we're afraid we've got bad news for you. On a scale of one to 10, students gave their caf fare a meager 4.75. Guess that mystery meatloaf isn't such a big hit after all. Looks like it might be a good time to start stocking up on pretzels and popcorn for your dorm room. In spite of the overall rating, some college cafs are serving up some pretty tasty cuisine. Just look at UCLA, which offers grilled ahi with citrus salsa and made-to-order sushi. And if you're a veghead who doesn't eat meat, you're in luck – nine out of 10 cafs serve full vegetarian menus.

Dixie College
Purdue U.
Keene State College
Truman State U.
U. of South Carolina
Missouri Western U.

Southwest Missouri State U.
Indiana U.
Sam Houston State U.
Oakland U.
U. of Oklahoma
Contra Costa College

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